Finding The Worst War Games On Steam -

Finding The Worst War Games On Steam

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So this time on finding terrible steam games we’re checking out WW2, WW1 and the Forgotten Korean war in what I can only imagine is the bestest rooting, tooting games around!

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  1. Excuse me what was that iSorrow? Tank dating simulator & Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea! already in your library? xD

  2. Petition for iSorrow to make a video on World Of Tanks Blitz, it’s not a bad game, it’d just be funny to watch him play it

  3. 3:42 "Wait a sec, that guy has a gun out" Instantly remembers is in WW1

  4. Theatre of war 3: korea Looks actually good

  5. iSorrow, please please please make a Darkest Hours Video i beg of you. It is such a good game, but you probably already know that.

  6. Oh god the first one is just a men of war assault squad rip off.

  7. The weird thing is that there were actual German divisions in WW2 that were made up of deaf people and partially blind people. They were called eyes and ears battalions and were mostly used to Garrison beaches.

  8. About the Witcher 3 thing and WW2, there is a thing that you can choose to do in the DLC that makes the Nilfgaardian Leader Medieval Hitler, that genocides sorcerers, witches, etc.

  9. 7:01
    Im deeply disappointed you didnt pick "Adolf Hitler Humiliation Simulator"

  10. That first game is basically men of war assault squad 2 just the graphics are way worst

  11. The first result for WWII is the Witcher, a POLISH game… hmmm

  12. Is that low-res Rimmy as your desktop background?

  13. The first game had a soldier called Steiner in it…

    Defence of Berlin intensifies

  14. Battle of empires was great when it first came about, when you got everything included.
    The developers then got greedy and started charging for DLC campaigns that were promised for free for a solid year

  15. "I don't know where the enemy is"

    Well if you are playing as NK, they're presumably somewhere south of you.

  16. Watch out drew is about to pass u do something now

  17. I have The Entente Gold, and the Battle Of Empires game, with all DLC without ottomans

  18. The first game you had played is a huge ripoff of the Men Of War game series and I can tell it is because digitalmindsoft made men of war and another company called great war team did this god damn this is a awful ripoff

  19. Of course the first game is the most frustrating one in my library lmfao

  20. so watching this video saw 200 new messages in the steam interface, tried to click on it before realizing it was iSorrows interface

  21. How dare you ISP my grandfather served in the 42nd Deaf Brigade and was commemorated with the Iron Cross for his ability and valor

  22. Yeah Battle of Empires is just Men of War. Mowas2 is actually fun but it really isn’t a campaign game

  23. I want a theatre of war 3 campaigns playthrough

  24. If you spent more than 2 seconds looking at toy soldiers you'd see it is 100% WW1 game. "i dont think this is even a ww1 game" so fucking stupid its seriously exclusively a ww1 game.

  25. Great series, this and black and white are great


  27. I saw the loading screen for the first game and thought it was familiar, then I saw the cutscene with the continue button and then I realized that it was just men of war assault squat 2

  28. Equestria at War isn't too bad. Also this message brought to you by Bronycon

  29. People hate the men of war games because they just aren’t good at them, and they don’t want to take the time to learn the controls and mechanics

  30. 6:02 British Officer ordering an ANZAC assault to cover arriving British forces (1916 colorized)

  31. I don't think there was barbed wire at Gallopoli? Needs more cricket on the beach

  32. Never seen a game about the Korean war? Play Mercenaries, playground of destruction. Hasn't aged all that well but god it was fun back when it was a new title.

  33. The north korean general is a hoi4 generic portrait, which is based off of mao zedongs son

  34. Oi!! Toy Soldiers is awesome! and yeah I would put it as a WWI game.

  35. I actually enjoyed Bukas WW1 games. Then again i was like 12 when i played them.

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