First Look At God Of War Ragnarök's Svartalfheim Level | Exclusive Gameplay -

First Look At God Of War Ragnarök’s Svartalfheim Level | Exclusive Gameplay

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In this exclusive God Of War Ragnarök gameplay video, we showcase how Sony Santa Monica’s level designers made the new dwarven realm, Svartalfheim, larger than life.

Lead level designer James Riding and level designer Jon Hickenbottom spoke with me about their experience crafting the points of interest, with the former saying, “We wanted to evolve the gameplay in the level spaces – more variety and verticality. In Svartalfheim, you’ve got a lot of places that you go to all within one realm. It’s so much content.”

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  1. This is a dream that we lost, a game that we don't even remember and don't appreciate.
    But the best time to realise it, a game mixed with good and evil,
    a game so badass spider-man, hulk, venom, or even eminem fear's it, LOL)
    it's time for all remaster's, upgraser's and high graphic creater's to createt
    the boss of bosses "Prototype 3" please

  2. Unfortunately, the game is not looking good. They may have to do a scrap and start over. What is up with the lighting?

  3. I hope game informer never get an exclusive game reveal again.

  4. Yah Mera YouTube channel hai Mr Ajay Devgan ke naam se

  5. After 30 years focusing on Nintendo handhelds and Xbox consoles and occasionaly havin a PS2 and 3, I just bought a Playstation 5 all digital just to play this series. The rest will be a bonus. I just cant wait to start playing

  6. So looking forward to commanding the BOY once again.

  7. I reckon they are delaying the marketing because they have something big in production (in regards to marketing) that needs to be complete (maybe a mural, potentially god of war merch, advertisments etc)

  8. Thanks for talking the whole video. Annoying. This made no sense. Marketing for this game has been disappointing. Can't just let us hear the actual game,

  9. Looks like more mind-numbing puzzles en nonextistent platforming. Disappointing

  10. When will Kratos finally accept that she's a woman? Looks like transphobia is a real problem in Ragnarok. 😠😠😠

  11. Can we have some combat gameplay to see what is new, I thought that was the core of GOW games, not freezing a path and popping a water boiler to solve a puzzle. And don't start any video with rowing!, probably the second most boring thing after climbing in GOW, very disappointing.

  12. I guess this one more the same like the last game, it's look like a dlc, so far i not impressed.

  13. Its litteraly the 1
    5 years when you have all the asset and the coding

  14. Finally some civilians in the realms. The last game was so empty.

  15. We only saw 30 seconds but I just have to say, the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

  16. How do you choose your beliefs, dreams, desires, or even favorite color?? 🔴🟥

  17. These games are never as deep a few months after they come out lol

  18. this looks HOT! cannot wait for this to hit, man these new realms slap

  19. I can't freakin wait for this game!!!!!

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  21. Future Trunks Black Game Developer and BeatMaker says:


    can't wait too get me a playstation 5

  22. I am angry 😡 why are you play our fellings just give us 5 minutes full gameplay

  23. Literally looks like God of War 2018 1.5, not complaining, but this ain't winning game of the year

  24. It's called Niđarvellír, not Svartalfheimr.

  25. Can't wait to see asgard if nidavellir/svartaheim looks this good

  26. Don’t get why everyone’s complaining and making sarcastic comments about the marketing. I’d rather have it this way. It just builds up more excitement and anticipation for the game that they’re only giving small bite size tidbits away at at time.

    They’re obviously confident that their game will deliver and I am more than confident that it will also.

    If you’d rather have the game spoiled by knowing everything about it before it’s even released good for you, I’d rather wait patiently in excitement to really enjoy and take in what should be an incredible game with incredible twists and turns.

  27. พาโบล เดอะบีน เอสโคบาร์ says:


  28. 4 days for another 30 second look is exactly what we need….

  29. As long as you have more videos.

    It will be if the game informer will make 20 videos with 7 minutes of game play?Consumers don’t deserve that.

  30. Shame on you Sony is this game still coming to old ps4 system 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Is time to say good bye to old system !!!!

  31. Wonder how Kratos loses his upgrades in this one. lmao

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