First Look At God Of War Ragnarök's Svartalfheim Level | Exclusive Gameplay -

First Look At God Of War Ragnarök’s Svartalfheim Level | Exclusive Gameplay

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In this exclusive God Of War Ragnarök gameplay video, we showcase how Sony Santa Monica’s level designers made the new dwarven realm, Svartalfheim, larger than life.

Lead level designer James Riding and level designer Jon Hickenbottom spoke with me about their experience crafting the points of interest, with the former saying, “We wanted to evolve the gameplay in the level spaces – more variety and verticality. In Svartalfheim, you’ve got a lot of places that you go to all within one realm. It’s so much content.”

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  1. The only thing I noticed was the Odin's raven 😅🥲😂

  2. It seems santa monica is hiding something
    The problem is whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

    Maybe they are hiding that attreus is now playable, or maybe they are hiding that the combat has barely changed

    Im getting last of us part 2 vibes from this marketing
    And I didn't like part 2
    I Hope to be able to like this tho

  3. 💞Renee Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞 says:

    So another 10 seconds of gameplay,This is what its going to be every week.

  4. Vaster and Baldur? Your mean less Baldur? cos he ded.

  5. For anyone concerned on the size of the subtitles, I’m sure they just went into the accessibility settings, and enlarged the subtitles, you could do this in GOW 2018, so they probably did it here to make sure everyone could read the subtitles

  6. Yeah I'm feeling this GOW game this might be the one that us new and old fan something to love .

  7. I love how Kratos only swings one arm but he can still control the boat!
    That looked cheap af!!!

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  9. I gotta say, that new HUD looks awful. Like it seems their going for minimalist, but it just looks more like a mobile game HUD.

  10. This is so pathetic, at this point I rather wait for IGN to preview God Of War Ragnarök. Please die Game Informer like GamePro & EGM!!!

  11. What I want to see is different types of boss battles. I also want to see alot of other gods and they haven't teased anything

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  13. Got the platinum on PC and PS4/5, but can admit that there was lack of enemy diversity and some reskins on some enemies. Glad we're able to explore more of these realms. It felt incredibly short to visit niflheim, muspelheim, and jotunheim and see such a short amount of that world. I loved GoW 2018 a great deal, but can agree with some of the criticism. I'm looking forward to getting the platinum with PS5 and (hopefully) PC.

  14. Atreus looks stiff on the canoe at the start??? A bug 😂

  15. Gameplay, Graphics, most animation shown so far looks same as God of war 2018 this would be better if it was a DLC
    but unfortunately this is a 70$ full game that looks like DLC. This shit is happening because of releasing games on PS4. Come on man if you don't move on we won't see the generational leap we want

  16. Ого, постараюсь выкладывать такие же интересные видео)

  17. There are actual people in this joint! Damn thats noice!

  18. I may be wearing nostalgia glasses, but idk, it seems in the past previews used to be much much longer (…) rather than 1-2 minutes per video.

  19. 🤯 Kratos has a son now? i hope he's transgender so the LGBTQAI+ community will feel more inclusive.

  20. Kratos occupying the 3rd part of the screen, then they ask why I can't have fun?

  21. The first thing that got my attention is that fucking crows again

  22. Meh i miss the orignal god of war series combat style. Ill likely play this to the end but like the last one ill be sorely dissapointed

  23. Looks like a waste of $70, these games (Horizon, GoT, TLOU) are only enjoyable for kids and soys.

    Let's pray for more exclusives of the kind of Returnal, Bloodborne and Death Stranding instead of this soulless shit.

  24. Maybe this game will reveal how Kratos, with a hole in his stomach drifted into another pantheon. I've yet to see an explanation on how the blade of Olympus wound closed up

  25. With Sony slowly bringing their games to PC I'd pretty much sworn off consoles (except for Nintendo), but damn this makes want to get a PS 5..

  26. Sure iam Pissed Off That They Showed Only This Much But Man iam Excited For The Game.

  27. At least it’s all new footage, that’s something

  28. Games er getting to large just saying make good quality not quantity.

  29. Better to see less what is good to see more that is bad. I think what we saw was hype enough. Other games are so overhyped and what we get is not even that good as you hoped for. Best example Cyberpunk 2077 overhyped and what you got was well you know….

  30. Fucking sony just give as a state of play already

  31. Everybody is talking about the combat and the gameplay , and no offense , I get it I want to experience the combat too , but what about the lore? Will there be any more references of Kratos’s past from the Norse Gods? What will Atreus think about his father after he finds out what he did back in Greece? Will we find out what Tyr was doing in Greece after it’s destruction? I can not FUCKING wait for all the story and lore details.

  32. looks exactly like the first one, not a bad thing, but should have been made totally epic for PS5

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