First look & impressions of Total War: Pharaoh Battles! -

First look & impressions of Total War: Pharaoh Battles!

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Some Total War Pharaoh Gameplay of 3 different battles. My thoughts and impressions of the game, new features, the good, the bad and the copy and pasted.

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  1. Disappointed. I thought it'd be a new modern era of the original game of Pharaoh where you also have missions, build cities etc but with an emphasis on war. Now that I'd really look forward to. The recent release of "Pharaoh: A New Era" was a step in the right direction but it's barely different from the original Pharaoh game. Not to mention the war battles are just automatic that tell you if you won or lost the battle. Very disappointing. Hence all the more reason why we need a new modern Pharaoh game not just wars but building cities, farms, etc.

  2. blood and gore not in the base game I see

  3. Manor lords also has stances like what CA is trying to do. Stances like push and give ground, but that’s much smaller dev team and their mechanics actually work. So sad to see a big name company put out another Arcady game. Units look to uniform and are standing in perfect lines unless they’re skirmishers using tactical sloppy formation. We’ve just seen it before, it lacks good features that much older TW’s had and doesn’t push features or mechanics enough. It’s not worth full game price to me. They keep dumbing the games down instead of making it a more in depth franchise with each title. I could go on but I’ll stop there. It’s hard to see each game coming out getting worse, not better

  4. Its ggot matched combat that is a big plus for me.. people who dont like and bitch about it well to satisfy both people add an on and off feature for it

  5. ughhh! i want medieval 3 or empire 2 total war!

  6. AN OPINION Nothing CA has made since Rome 2 has even made me think about moving on. With the campaigns/factions, the modding community, and the dlc I literally have 1000+ hours, over a decade of Rome 2. Attila was meh, 2 hours, and maybe an hour into Warhammer and I just stopped. I went back and added a few hundred hours on shogun 2 and I just didn't understand what happened. They lost the stylized unit cards, they lost matched combat animations, they lost the grand theme of Rome, everything since just felt smaller. Troy and this also look a little less realistic than Rome 2, maybe it's my mods, but to me these games look a bit more, idk "cartoon-y" is all I got.

    If you haven't played Rome 2 or shogun 2 they have all the mechanics that CA should have added to Every. Single. Game. And honestly the mods that exist and whoever is still making them could probably keep Rome 2 going for another decade. But again that's just AN OPINION

  7. best thing about total war was the kill animations

  8. Total war arnt even trying anymore. All about money.

  9. I just want an empire 2 or maybe napoleon 2

  10. yea seriously no one care about this trash time period just give us medival 3

  11. The clipping between units is atrocious. Jesus…The collision box for the chariots seems to be the size of a single horse…

  12. Original Rome Total War is the best Total War game, followed by Medieval 2, Empire/ Napoleon, and Shogun 2. The Rome remastered sucks and I didn't like Rome II, Troy, Three Kingdoms, or Thrones of Britannia. I have never played Warhammer and honestly, based on how it looks, no thanks.

  13. A massive part of the Egyptian dynasty was the Nubian empire hope they have them vs the white washing of actual history. Don't believe my just plop nubian empire and Egypt I to google 🙂 remember to ask why they don't want you to know this.

  14. There are a lot of synched combat animations in total war Warhammer just so you know.

  15. I won't be paying £50 for a Troy re-skin. Troy was the worst total war ever, felt like a rubbish mobile game and this is just the same.

  16. Why is the army leader in the very front of the formation? I'm guessing this meaning it's not realistic in the sense of when he gets shredded by archers he won't die instantly

  17. I'm a little bit disappointed to be honest, as Total War has easily been my favourite set off video games. Pharaoh looks about as graphically-good (and physics and probably engine is the same) as Rome 2 total war – which is now about 10 years old or more! It's early days, so my mind isn't fully made up, but my issue with Troy, Pharaoh and 3 Kingdoms is the fact that they occur in basically the same part of the world. There is no severe clash of cultures that makes epic total wars like Rome, Rome 2, M2TW so epic, and no world-encompassing map like Empire total war that makes you feel like a world conqueror (let alone having both of the aforementioned). I'd love to fight in sub-Saharan Africa or South America!

    Why can't we have a Medieval 2 Total war where I can take my English Longbows to India? Or test the mettle of my Byzantine Varangians against the might of China? Big maps, with juxtaposed culture clashes are what makes Total war feel so epic. Or how about an Attila-like total war at the start of the pike and shot era where it's 1453 and Constantinople is about to be overrun and I either have to use diplomatic and military cunning to win? Or make it impossible to win and I have to exile our Roman people to the frozen north where we bide our time like The Empire does in Star Wars The Old Republic, and then after decades return back to Constantinople and reclaim it for the glory of Rome!

    Pharaohs feels like a step in the right direction in terms of mechanics, but it's been ten years since Rome 2 and we're still fighting with 120 men max a unit!? Multiply that by at least 5 or 10! If we lack the numbers of men to recreate epic history and lack the physical ability to execute a Hannibal maneuver then work on those two aspects first! It feels too much like a DLC of Rome 2, let alone feeling like a DLC of Troy!

  18. Potential GOOD development by CA:
    – Summer 2023: Total War Pharaoh
    – Summer 2024: "Antique Empire" DLC, offering a large map with both Pharaoh and Troy.
    – Summer 2025: "Gods of the Old World" DLC. Basically, we get mythical creature (like for Troy), but we also get leaders and heroes that can be invested by Gods, allowing to get magic (which would be initially re-used partially from TWW).
    – Summer 2026: Total War Rome Antique or 3. New game but same engine as Pharaoh and Troy
    – Spring 2027: "Mediterranean Empire" DLC. Combines all 3 games to get a big map. And allow the same timeline system as TW3K, so you can choose the time period (peak of Greeks, peak of Egyptians, peak of Romans). Option to add magic or not, mythology or not, etc. Pure sandbox.

  19. total war hasnt improved since napoleon total war animations between characters are spaced out too much still has units moonwalking and spinning around yes i understand it is hard to make but no excuse now days with ai

  20. Seriously tho, no point in buying this game. Age of Bronze will be releasing before it for Rome TW2 and game I already own. Will be way larger scale, probably better historical research and best of all its completely free.

  21. Can we just get a Victorian era total war with a full world map please?

  22. they look like they just come out of a public bath and go fight

  23. Looks very good! Like the details, the weather that changes the battlefield and bigger cities! I am hesitant to buy it tho since i am not into this timeperiod anymore. Enough swords, bows and axes… The next historical total war has to be Empire II or something similar + the american civil war as an dlc. Revolving turrets on ironclads, old ships refittet into ironclads, machine guns, spotting ballons, rockets, early submarines, big steampowered ships of the line ect! A remastered Napoleon would be nice too with bigger map, bigger unites and improved graphics and mechanics. Please give us something bit more modern next, its been 11 years since fall of the samurai. We musketheads deserve some love too 🙂

  24. It is NOT a "small thing" to change back to detailed combat as you said. That is the whole thing for many of us TW veterans.

  25. Is there first person mode for the artillery in this one too that part is one of my favs

  26. Seems like a dowgrade in comparasion with three kingdom

  27. Ugh… another diva that cares more about pretty decorations than the game itself. Hmm I should call these kind of people 'decorative' gamers.

  28. Why Wont they add that individual combat duel techniques to Warhammer total war.
    They should add that
    Plus more options for diplomacy like it was in Medieval 2 Total War.

  29. They have Rome 2 and Medieval 2 to build upon, what the hell is this…

  30. i was so bumped by this title, but 4 minutes in i have to say gameplay wise this might seem great, like how weather effects stuff like moral and terrain. i find egyption history interesting but not in a war type of sence. but besides setting 4 minutes in, it looks like a solide total war

  31. Total War has been looking like plastic since Warhammer.

  32. Once Manner Lords comes out, the TW community will shift drastically

  33. Kinda doubt that in bronze age there were flaming arrows… but whatever

  34. why does the battering ram look like a dick?

  35. Tbh there's not much going for this game all around. They picked a bad time period to do a historical total war game (lack of variety in unit types and factions to choose). It comes across as an updated troy total war to me. I get it from a company perspective you want to make as much money as you can from a platform. But from a consumers perspective this looks like your reselling a polished up game you just released.

  36. im sorry i dont care about anicent egypt as it own total war, it seems to me just another rome game minus rome. I just want medieval 3

  37. How the hell have we not gotten a Medieval 3 yet.. My god man. Pleasseeeeeee

  38. … very similar to Troy. You've said it all I'm afraid.

  39. Why do soldier look like they are made out of plasticine? That looks soo unreal and cartoonish

  40. Depending on what timeline this game focuses on, I think the Mesopotamians as a faction would be sick, although I am pretty sure they were around 6,000 years ago, so maybe not, I am also clinically brain dead, so don't take my word for it.

  41. One thing I forgot to mention was that there's a new stat of sorts. 'Armour Degradation'. This is basically as it sounds. As your armour takes damage, it becomes less effective and you have a lower armour number. What practical use that would have, I'm not sure. As every unit in the army will be suffering from it when they fight. I guess if might make softening up heavy armour units with missiles more effective? Or perhaps certain units will be better at destroying armour than others? Not sure yet.

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