Game Grumps Animated - Toad War - by stejkrobot -

Game Grumps Animated – Toad War – by stejkrobot

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  1. Thought about this whilst watching the mario movie

  2. I'm genuinely sad that Arin didn't voice Toad in the Super Mario Bros movie. 😂😭

  3. I cant believe the game grumps predicted the mario movie

  4. I’m so disappointed that this video isn’t called Toadal war.

  5. The funny thing is that toad actually acts like this in the Super Mario movie

  6. Anyone come back to this video because of the Mario movie?

  7. 1:21 They went out of their way to animate Arin dropping his opera glasses and scrambling to catch them. It even shows him reaching for them on the ground in the next shot. That’s such a neat little detail that could so easily go unnoticed and they didn’t have to add but they went the extra mile for anyways. That’s really cool.

  8. if only this was in the mario movie.🤣

  9. Just watched the Super Mario movie and had to come back to this gem

  10. It ain't bullet bill it's hydrogen Harold

  11. 0:15 I never noticed that the thunderclouds have faces.
    A nice detail that fits the Mario universe very well.

  12. Missed the opportunity to call it "Toadal Warfare"

  13. Have to come back to this given Oppenheimer

  14. Toad captain: EVERYBODY MARCH!!!!!!

  15. I like how it's go from a spears to jets to nukes

  16. Me durring splatfest: ok im gunna have a nice, relaxing game and not be a complete tryhard.

    Me two seconds into my first turf war match: 0:58

  17. this isn’t just one of the best Game Grumps animated ever, this is one of the best animations ever

  18. I remembered this was one of my favorite videos in 5th grade. I was constantly quoting the part at the end with the Toads


  20. I’d watch a movie about toads going to war

  21. This point was actually addressed in the Mario movie, oddly enough.

  22. This guy animated toadette getting exploded by a thermonuclear warhead, 14/10 no notes

  23. Started watching the new Mario wonder and how they opened reminds me of this video had to go back and rewatch! Classic! Love the art style SO much!

  24. i waited 7 years… where is the continuation…

  25. 0:57
    When Riot sees he's not in the Top 1 list demon:

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