Game of War - 2015 Super Bowl Commercial "Who I Am" ft. Kate Upton -

Game of War – 2015 Super Bowl Commercial “Who I Am” ft. Kate Upton

Game of War: Fire Age
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Join Kate Upton in Game of War, the first truly global FREE online mobile game. Befriend, help and destroy players from all over the world in this real-time strategy MMO! #GameofWar
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  1. This is historically not accurate about how women never served in the military in Roman times

  2. No full body shot as prized by the trailer?! D:

  3. I am going to try this game only because Kate Upton was in these commercials.

  4. Five seconds into this ad, every guy at the party was like "SHADUP IT'S KATE UPTON!"

  5. I really don't care for these games at all but the videos are told really cinematically like it's a film so in that respect I think they are pretty awesome plus it has Kate Upton no supermodel beats Kate Upton 😀 

  6. that high to the collarbone..hnggghhh

  7. Kate Upton aside, it isn't a bad game. It suffers from the usual F2p problems but an overall nice game.

  8. Why they don't make Game of War for the PC with much more options 3d?

  9. i always skip ads ..

    except this ad .. OMG she so Hot !!!! 

  10. this commercial was better than the Hobbit movies….

  11. So many people that know nothing about a good game here…

  12. Hottest GOW commercial ,this is my favorite! 😍

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