Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update) -

Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update)

The Game Theorists
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With the Minecraft 1.19 update going up, I thought it was time to return to the mystery that is the sculk, the mysterious discs, and how they BOTH connect to the Warden. Today, we are focusing our eyes and ears on Disc 5. We are going way, WAY back in the history of Minecraft for this one, Theorists! Hold on to your diamond sword!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Imagine that the big portal in the middle of the End Cities is actually the portal the ancient builders came through, their original world either that or the home dimension of the Shulk.

  2. Are the ancient builders pros with 1000 xp levels cuz there’s a lot of sculk

  3. If you put alll of the story music disc together it’s all one story

  4. i think the portal frame is a failed portal of the ancient biulder trying to make an end portal thats why its hard to break but moveable

  5. Microsoft will ruin this game completely !

  6. i feel like the cities is the village and the wardon is the iron golem

  7. disc 13 is the first then disc 5 and last one disc 11 bc it makes here the discs then u will anderstand

  8. Bro the wither wasn't introduced in 2017. It was added back in 1.4.2. Tf are you talking about?

  9. I'm thinking of ancient city are actually a village and the warden is like the iron golem

  10. But how do they create the end portal frame tho because there are texture that can only be found to the end


  12. The beginning of the music disc sounds like someone going into a portal

  13. I found something odd in the Minecraft custom character creation thing. There is an outerwear, shirt, pants, and footwear that are all Warden themed, but they are called Keepers Mantle(outerwear), Keepers Promise(shirt), Keepers Balance(pants), and Keepers Presence(shoes). Keeper means a guard or warden of something and a mantle is a cloak, mainly worn by women. There could be some lore behind this. Maybe the Warden is female? I just think this is something worth looking into.

  14. MatPat: So head on over there for all your potato murder needs
    Me: Potato … murder…? * Cooking Companions flashbacks *

  15. 💗Baty- g0 TO M-Y СНаnnel livе N0W! says:

    If they are from some other dimension, then if we imagine that Warden and skulk are at the bottom of food chain in their world, and there are even stronger entities there, it becomes way more terrifying.

  16. Question: where did the builders get the end stone to build the end portal out of? It seems clear that they combined it with skulk, but how and why?

  17. Ya know the sirens reminds me of the goat horns

  18. nah the stronghold is a bunker hiding from the Wither so again they built the stronghold meaning a strong structure that will keeo them alive after they left the city with the warden and then they continue being attacked by wither (cmon these guy is weak) and then again sigh built a new portal that lead to the end and then trap in there

  19. This is a theory that should be solved because of this video How did the wither got in the over world

  20. Well skulk catalyst drops XP when being mined,but it can't produce XP if you don't kill a mob in front of it, well you can mine a skull catalyst and make it a farm for XP but you need to get a pickaxe silk touch first☝️

  21. The endermen were the ancient builders! They can move blocks, are in every dimension and grow aggressive

  22. but why does the stronghold have cages/jail cells??

  23. my theory about sculk and the warden is that sculk is a living thing. You notice when you break sculk blocks they screech meaning they are living blocks and the warden is just a bunch of sculk blocks evolved therefore when you kill the warden it make a last minute attempt to save itself buy dropping a sculk catalyst in order to spread more

  24. I was thinking about this and i found this passing similarity between 2 games, Minecraft and Minecraft Story Mode. The similarity i found resides with the Wither…

    In Minecrafts theorized lore, the wither was created by the ancient builders for reasons, And destroy the overworld massively and many other things… now what do we see in Minecraft Story Mode's

    1-4 episodes.. A Wither like creature (Called the Wither storm) being unleashed onto the overworld (and yes the reasons are very different) and destroying everything in its path.. sending the mostly builder population… in chaos.

    I know there are many things different about these 2 things but i feel like this is just something to point out and I find it cool the similarity.

  25. "Since its introduction back in 2017"

    Am I missing something or does that also sound strange because I played way before 2017 it seemed like the wither was always in the game lol

  26. the wither was added so long ago what do you mean introduced in 2017

  27. This is the ONLY theory on this channel i trust

  28. Why Warden, Ancient Builders?

    I tried in my world
    69 Evokers vs 1 Wither

    Withers Dead
    With 27 Evoker Casualties

  29. My theory: What if some villagers where survivors, and some of them know about the Warden, so they decided to join the Villages to stay safe from the Warden. The survivors could have escaped outside where the caves are then find a village and live the life as a villagers. My other theory is that the Warden and Skulks discover the caves that lead outside, and thus spreading the skulk to the outside world, then invading the world.

  30. now warden and sculk feels more like a virus that starts from C….

  31. Reinforced deepslate is breakble but it takes 80 seconds

  32. And when you destroy sculk what do you get? You get xp. You always get xp in minecraft for doing something right. That means sculk is something that definitely shouldnt be here

  33. sooo, then as they get stuck in end, they turned into endermans by eating chorus fruit… that would also explain why do endermans teleport i guess.

  34. I want to see something on the nether star.

  35. the 1 mill dimansion troll update kinda importent now lol

  36. Maybe the unknown character was the pillagers, as we know, they are the only mob that can blow a horn.

  37. I don't think the warden protects skulk. It helps it spread by killing mobs

  38. Btw it takes 3 shreiks/warnings to spawn the warning, and they make different noises depending on what warning you are on, and on the third warning, it spawns the warden

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