Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update) -

Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update)

The Game Theorists
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With the Minecraft 1.19 update going up, I thought it was time to return to the mystery that is the sculk, the mysterious discs, and how they BOTH connect to the Warden. Today, we are focusing our eyes and ears on Disc 5. We are going way, WAY back in the history of Minecraft for this one, Theorists! Hold on to your diamond sword!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. bro minecraft lore be giving me chills these days fr

  2. You can't tease me this badly with a new dimension and never add one to the game. You just can't

  3. Thę bëÿøńd, thè bèłøw thē påràšįtę īś thîs āłł trūę

  4. When you said the character took a deep breath only to hear a monster shreak ( 10:37 ) I think he was gasping in horror at what monster he was looking at through the portal he just fired up but that’s “my idea and it’s probably wrong”

  5. Actually when you said those screeches were phantoms they were actually the warden plus the monster was the warden

  6. mayby thats why there is lava under the end portal so mayby its so that if anything falls out of it it whould be burned

  7. Wow, this sounds a lot like half life tbh…

  8. Before this I was thinking that the warden was placed there by the builders because they went through the portal and saw the horrors behind it, so they put the warden there to make sure no one could open it and unleash the horrors that brought the skulk

  9. Love the theory but here is a lore theory, " what if the Ender Dragon was created by the ancient builders because think about it, the end cities are way beyond the end spawn point and the dragon is constantly being heal by end crystal and in order to create it you need sand, ghast tear and eye of Ender which needs a blaze powder to make.
    Sand, ghast tear and blaze powder cannot be found in the end and so is obsidian (a mixture of lava and water) and your enemies are Withers and Wardens. You will need something that heals and isn't in the ground to defend your new home and the Ender Dragon doesn't attack the Ender because they are ancient builders and he recognises them.

  10. I’d honestly rather they give us and end update similar to the nether update before actually adding a new dimension

  11. Imagine if Minecraft added a "Hold <keybind> to run" when a warden spawns lmao that would be horrifying

  12. I wonder how much more were missing, that mojang hasn’t added yet

  13. Bro this guy makes my day and makes me question life.

  14. hey i found something that sounds like the marching from disc 5 its a song named metal militia at the end you can hear the marching

  15. “Nature always has a way of balancing itself.” The Skulk is tough, but it isn’t unstoppable like you think it is.

  16. Aren't there some secret messages from the devs saying ''The warden is not what it seems'' and the same thing for axolotls??
    Could there be a connection between the two??

  17. I have a theory of the origins of the player.
    Given that when spawning in a new world you spawn in the middle of nowhere it suggests you were wondering before. possibly wondering similar to how a zombie does. Could it be somehow we are a cured zombie, one of a whole race who managed to reverse a virus that crippled our whole society.
    The fact we can spawn with a map and a chest suggests that these were left for us, possibly by some higher intelligence entity that managed to cure us, similar to how we figure out how to cure zombie villagers.

  18. Ok ok ok ok ok sooooii I was just watching the one enderman theory and I thought about this viddddd that leads me to believe that Alex, Steve, us, and any other humanoid mob not including the villagers are actually….ancient builders .My theory is that once they made that portal it took them to the end ofc.Once they were in the end they restarted their civilization.What they didn’t know was that at some point that would succumb to some sort of hypnosis.Think.why don’t endermen like you looking at them with your eyes.Why are endermen’s eyes purple?Why do they have a very clear connection to eyes.also if you sheck out color scheme when you get an eye of ender or end pearls it would make sense to be purple right?no.Abandoned cities have the most connections to endermen.Now you may be thinking “but what about the dwagon” well they had to be aware of that that’s why they built end cities on other islands.”but how would they gwet ofwr dere?” Teleport idiot.They had already found out how to teleport because they created teleportation.They brought end pearls from their cities from the hypnotize thing I think they were forced to eat the end pearls and I know this is a stretch but it was the bes I could do. Anyway thanks for reading this .

  19. unless the ppl who made the ancient cities made the strongholds! Maybe everything is connected

  20. anyone have a link to skip's modelling website?

  21. MY THEORY:
    I think that the ones that the Ancient city belongs to the pillagers because there are watchtowers look like the Pillagers' Bases on the surface, and I think that the disc 5 was previously a musical record but that they used it to overlay and document something and so I think they are the Ancient Builders because the construction and the patterns are different, I have played Minecraft since version 1.8 and the pattern of the structures are different and I think that the human who was chopping the amethyst next to the lava is that he was in the Abandoned mines or Mineshafts and I know that the abandoned mines belong to the builders because the wood is Oak and not Dark like the one used by pillagers, most likely a Human deviated a bit from Mine and found the City and a screamer detected the human and he called the Warden and he himself killed the human when he tried to cross the portal and at that moment he destroyed the ready by fragmenting it and the if we see the wool blue and cian are the same the we can found on the Mansion.

    So resuming all this the pillagers summon the warden and with and they do a lot of noice to catch the attention of a shricker and this one summons the Warden.

    Plz don't kill me please this is just a veteran Minecraft player and I hope to catch your attention game theory bwcause I see your theories of FNAF , am a Mexicana that can speak English and likes Minecraft and Halo and FNAF , I hope to catch your attention to explain this in a better way.

  22. I’m going to say it could be a possibility that the warden could be a skeleton taken over by the skulk turning into the warden. And being a species that was in the portal it might be an alien like a disease. And using its host the skeleton this species. To protect itself

  23. matpat i need you to solve something about minecraft you see we are going through the dark times at minecraft and i want you to see if you can come up with a theory of the future of minecraft. pls do this

  24. at the end of the disk did anyone hear the jaw sound from a vindicator when the warden roars? or just me?

  25. I've seen a developer for Minecraft say they wanted to (at least) think of making a new dimension once every dimension has been updated from it's original (in a large way) with it first being the end, then the nether, and now the ancient cities, they have pieced together the end to the beginning. Showing us the true extent to the old builders. And I do think that something like the Enchanted Flint and Steel from Minecraft Story Mode will be in effect, I doubt it'd be simple like that. Though it did have soul properties (with the fire) This update was probably a hint into what next will happen. Very interested to see a full dimension if they add one!

  26. I have a theory. the ancient music disc was broken into pieces, the disc 11 had a chip out of it and disc 13 is intact. they all have one thing in common: they sound like the real world and not music. maybe there's a storyline somewhere in there. hopefully you see this.
    edit: maybe they are not in the order of damage. I've been listening to them for quite a while and they definitely do seem like a story to me. I have this other epiphany that the disc 11, the man in the beginning might be a survivor from the warden attack and that's why he was breathing heavy and coughing, plus I'm pretty sure he starts in a cave.

  27. I’m an Minecraft employee and your on to something, matter fact maybe right hmmmm 🧐🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨🤨

  28. This will probably never get seen but I tested who is stronger the bedrock edition wither or the bedrock edition warden and the warden killed the wither and took 6 hits from a unenchanted netherite sword to die!

  29. Given that some parts of the city are reffered to as "barracks" this seems very likely.

  30. Hey mat pat you might want to look into 0:36 I actually discovered that it’s one of the idle sounds from an endersent from Minecraft dungeons

  31. wait.. wither was added in 2017? thought it was 2013

  32. You copied philza’s theory 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😖😖😖😖😖😖😨😨😨😨

  33. My theory is that the skulk catalyst is the wardens heart since its made of the skulk itself it would need something to keep it alive Hence the skulk catalyst

  34. the explosions ramping up sounds more like a warden heartbeat to me

  35. This heavily reminds me of the flood from halo. Being accidently created into the world only for it to destroy everything in its path. Makes sense too cause multiple wardens can spawn

  36. Theory the warden is a iron golem corrupted by the skulp

  37. I got a lore request, can you do a theory on how Steve is still even around if all the builders fled into the end??

  38. perhaps mojang won't add any new dimensions BUT! they might add one that was in the lores past! the dimension of the wardens home!

  39. im beggining to think that mojang is just leaving little thigns that mean nothing so matt can make lore for them

  40. Isn’t there a secret room in the city? I don’t know if that was taken into account for the lore

  41. Perhaps the growth around the portal is just from when the warden first killed the wither, providing enough power to create the mass seen

  42. When I was playing pigstep I notest It had a jungle tone that Menes his Village was a jungle village so it must of Ben buried

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