Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update) -

Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update)

The Game Theorists
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With the Minecraft 1.19 update going up, I thought it was time to return to the mystery that is the sculk, the mysterious discs, and how they BOTH connect to the Warden. Today, we are focusing our eyes and ears on Disc 5. We are going way, WAY back in the history of Minecraft for this one, Theorists! Hold on to your diamond sword!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Nope the "small portal structure" name was only in the snapshot but in the actual release it's just called small structure

  2. Anyone else get “A Quiet Place” vibes from the sculk?

  3. I figured the Warden was an experiment used by the builders to create their a stronger Iron Golem to protect against the Wither. But because of all the tormented, trapped souls, the Warden wants revenge on those who created it. Thus killing all the builders and leaving the city abandoned.

  4. so… if the warden's first entry through the portal introduced sculk to the overworld, then how did the builders make redstone contraptions powered by sculk sensors under the portal before the warden came through?

  5. I once heard an theory that the Endermen created the portal, so what if the Enderman originated from the Deep Dark instead of the End?

  6. My question is how did the sculk spread without a catalyst?

  7. "The sculk requires the souls of the living"
    What about undead creature

  8. Is it just me, or does the skulk look like an upsidedown jellyfish?

  9. Some sounds were from minecraft dungeons such as some roars being an endersent from dugeons

  10. Not everyone knows this interesting information but Disc 11 and 13 + 5 Just as Disc 11 is about to end fits in with the lore sound. This could also explain why disc 13 doesn’t stop for 2 and a half minutes while disc 5 stops at 3 minutes. There’s a YouTube video showing this, but it isn’t that popular

  11. Either minecraft 1.20 or 1.21 will be known as the Skulk update and it'll be a new dimension where you go to the Skulk dimension where it is primarily made up of Skulk Stone and Skulk Dirt. The dimension won't be like either the end or nether but more similar to the overworld where it's more of an alternate universe rather than a new dimension. The dimension will initially be added as a block pallet adder but will slowly over multiple updates be given structures and more uses. Change my mind

  12. So it took a while army to take down a wither?
    Steve is way stronger than i thought

  13. i just got from i diffrent vid but lok inside of the skulk shreker it is ghost they are traped there

  14. 7:53 ok… since when do you make websites in C++? wtf
    I mean a server could be written in C++, but that has nothing to do with website layout

  15. I wouldn't say that portal in the ancient city has anything to do with some other dimension
    Portal in architecture is an opening in a wall of a building, gate or fortification, especially a grand entrance to an important structure. (from wikipedia)

  16. Fun fact: You can actually hear soul sand being placed in the disk, which could confirm your theory of the wither being there.

  17. stupid bedrock toddlers. Withers have been in the game since 1.4

  18. In KOTOR there’s a mysterious species called the builders. Maybe they are related to the Minecraft builders lol.

  19. What if the portal tp you to the Surface

  20. why don't you add all this lore into a book you will make more

  21. You make websites in c++?
    Usually websites are made in html

  22. Random sculk patches are ancient battlefields…

  23. Actually, something else occurred to me: Instead of this being the entirety of the ancient builders, perhaps this is a subsect. Both groups went deep underground to avoid the flying Wither, but they pursued different avenues of escape, perhaps in case one of them didn't work. This leads to the creation of the Strongholds with the End Portals, and the Ancient cities with the Skulk portal. Maybe the Skulk portal is a one way portal to the overworld the way the End portal is a one way portal to the End. Ultimately the group that is tasked with the Skulk Portal begins to think that they might have a way to defeat the Wither themselves, leading to them attempting to strike back, which then, when they inevitably retreat, allows the Wither to track them to the Skulk portal where it meets it's demise at the hands of the Warden. This would explain why, while the Ancient city is in ruins, the Strongholds, although abandoned, are still relatively intact. The Stronghold's End Portal allowed the builders who constructed it to escape to the end, but the Skulk portal did not, instead bringing forth another menace in the form of the Skulk, which may be some kind of parasite as it spreads it's influence by harnessing the powers of souls, and the Warden.

    Kind of makes me wonder why so many of these dimensions, whether we can visit them or not, are linked to the Overworld. Think about it. Nether Portals only work in the Nether and the Overworld, but not in the End, and since we can't visit the Skulk dimension, we have no way of knowing if they work there. However End portals work in both the Overworld, and Nether to travel to the End, but once there, you can't go back to the nether except by first going back through the Overworld. Could the Overworld perhaps act as some kind of borderworld, Xen Style, since all three other dimensions have things that it has taken into it's design? (The Skulk from the Skulk portal, the Endermen from the End, and the Netherrack from the Nether that can be found near ruined portals. You could also argue that maybe the Amethyst geodes we find underground are, at least partially, a result of the Nether's influence, since their outer shell is comprised of smooth basalt, and the only other place you can find naturally generated Basalt of any kind is the Nether.)

  24. This vid was made before legends got was revealed but the marching is the piglin army and that also why there was nether sounds

  25. 6:20 if you look closely, the block actually has two pixels shaded blue

  26. Funny but the wither can beat the warden if it stays in the air normally

  27. I wish that if you had amour in in Minecraft those marching sounds played.

  28. wwwwwwwwhy are ender portal aand warden connecteddd ?)%¤

  29. They escaped to the end and become endermen

  30. Anyone else getting a quiet place vibes

  31. Try to mix all of the creepy music discs

  32. It could be named the warden because it is trapping all the souls as a prisoner

  33. But that does make me wonder why is the warden called warden

  34. If u have enough enchanted golden apples then u can kill a warden with out enchanted nether Ute just netherite I have killed the warden in my hardcore world

  35. we were joking when we called Minecraft a horror game all those years ago, I dont think its a joke anymore

  36. the warden is just an enderman who lifted too much and got into blue instead of purple. 😐

  37. The warden is stuffed with 5 kid souls
    Kinda sounds familiar 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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