GameWars (WarGames 1983 Movie montage) -

GameWars (WarGames 1983 Movie montage)

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  1. Why give a man a key if he actually has no choice to use it or not?

  2. Interesting factoid: When the real NORAD saw this film, one of their responses was of how nice the big computer screens were and how theirs in reality were not that nice but they would like to have such.

  3. I wish somebody made a custom PC case that look like a WOPR

  4. At 2:11 what notes is the woman taking of WOPR: "many lights…flickering lights…red…yellow…orange…very pretty…" 😆

  5. Why didn't they just use the Stargate to get out of there and ware was General Hammond?

  6. I love his pc ! Wanted something like his setup back in the day.

  7. Woman taking notes wopr lights blinking causing her not to see display game timing remaining.

  8. Nukes…as real as space flights and satellites.

  9. One of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. I mean Mr. Blond in a missile silo…

  10. So if you shoot the other missle launch officer how will that help turn the key?

  11. Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration sir I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks.

  12. General Berenger (sp?) is a long way away from that nutjob Curtis LeMay (the template for US lunatic generals)!

  13. Anyone else remember seeing this movie in the theater and when he enter Joshua it doesn't work than alley says how old was his son when he died

    Then he entered Joshua5 and that worked

    Anyone else remember this ?

    it could be that they did this just for the theatrical release because I've never seen it since or it could be a Mandela effect

  14. How come the launch code is different in the scene where they are installing the display in the silo?

    That was jdb 9515 vns

    But at the end the code is cpe 1704 tks

    Check this out

    I guess the continuity person was not paying attention to this matter

    The real launch code was
    00 00 00 00 00

  15. They should have had the WOPR in that South Park episode with the imagination wall breaking and the imaginary evil guys broke out.    "Don't nuke our imagination bro"

  16. Barry Corbin should have least gotten an Oscar nod for this movie. But noooooo!

  17. "Scramble two F16s" –> scene with F15s

  18. Hollywood could never make a good movie like this today.

  19. Daggonnit why didn't you record 9mins before ending ? – 1 of the funniest scenes – Luv it when Barringer said "Got Dammed Id PISS on a sparkplug if i thought it'd do any good" ROTFLMAOff -FYInfo evolution iz nonsence – devil's big lie – life did NOT make itself -go to 57mins – – value your eternal existence + listen with an investigative mind – – God Yahuah go with you forever –

  20. Fun fact:. The phone in your hand has more computing power than did the WOPR.

  21. Anyone feel, despite knowing it is merely Joshua merely playing a game, that there is real suspense?

    We worry a base may not respond.

  22. Fun-fact: The original intended actor to play Professor Falken was none of than legendary musician John Lennon.

  23. Anyone see the (direct to video) sequel? It is Joshua himself who convinces the other computer that a nuclear war has no winning outcome.

  24. Just the idea that Windows was used to run these systems. I don't think I want Bill Gates Microsoft in charge of shit..

  25. Typical stupidity by media! How do you walk around a box with flashing lights and write down on a clipboard ANY meaningful info about it? Bullshit! They made the ultimate screw-up!

  26. Hey baby, wana kill all humans?

    Bender Bending Rodriguez.

  27. Nice to know a teenager in the 80's could nearly start a nuclear war.

  28. I often ask my computer at work: "Joshua what are you doing?"

  29. Code for nuclear missile of USAF 1964-1977 : 00000000

  30. never use dairy crem-mer? why? coffie: suger? ant acid and ! dont drink the water?

  31. nice soft/warebillgates: and your daughter% tic tac toe?% bull crap!$$$$ what about scrable? talory siwift%$: and % silos?$%

  32. What's not a test is hr 1908 I think not sure sr71 all hydraulics star walk app see it's the same scenario panet to planet Greek school was wrong far cry 5 nuclear ending did you know whales signals to space ward off enemy's to the earth and she's alive her immune system gets low we get sick the only way to win is to stay alive to beat the first computer you do that by keeping the earth alive then being a father to the others big pharma did it Joshua bitch dog taking a flea pill then on that game sick sick sick 666 mark em nurse get em out of here dead birds falling from the air you tube whales dying bees dying monarch butterfly's dying you can't beet the greed 8 trillion people pissing in toilets w big pharmaceutical same w washers detergent cattle feed w antibiotics you need a older computer not newer sonic washer doesn't use detergent but doesn't make money for the Patton office and you can't fly thirty years back you have to break the college chain have a nice night joshua

  33. Don't let your brain explode when you remember "How about a nice game of chess?" Who else has been asking these Questions?

  34. Still in 2021 this movie is ahead of its era.

  35. tierd of this franchise peopole: apts , bizzness! , and low I.Q people!

  36. Since that year this movie came out what has happened to the WOPR? Is in some junkyard somewhere?

  37. Brass Hat — that's a great handle, actually fits the General to a T LOL

  38. It was never a test. Explode thevromm

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