GameWars (WarGames 1983 Movie montage) -

GameWars (WarGames 1983 Movie montage)

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This is a montage of the 1983 movie WarGames. Please leave comments and rate this video. Please subscribe to see more great videos. My website is at


  1. I absolutely love this movie! It was an instant classic!!!

  2. It was never a test. Explode thevromm

  3. Brass Hat — that's a great handle, actually fits the General to a T LOL

  4. Since that year this movie came out what has happened to the WOPR? Is in some junkyard somewhere?

  5. tierd of this franchise peopole: apts , bizzness! , and low I.Q people!

  6. Still in 2021 this movie is ahead of its era.

  7. Don't let your brain explode when you remember "How about a nice game of chess?" Who else has been asking these Questions?

  8. What's not a test is hr 1908 I think not sure sr71 all hydraulics star walk app see it's the same scenario panet to planet Greek school was wrong far cry 5 nuclear ending did you know whales signals to space ward off enemy's to the earth and she's alive her immune system gets low we get sick the only way to win is to stay alive to beat the first computer you do that by keeping the earth alive then being a father to the others big pharma did it Joshua bitch dog taking a flea pill then on that game sick sick sick 666 mark em nurse get em out of here dead birds falling from the air you tube whales dying bees dying monarch butterfly's dying you can't beet the greed 8 trillion people pissing in toilets w big pharmaceutical same w washers detergent cattle feed w antibiotics you need a older computer not newer sonic washer doesn't use detergent but doesn't make money for the Patton office and you can't fly thirty years back you have to break the college chain have a nice night joshua

  9. nice soft/warebillgates: and your daughter% tic tac toe?% bull crap!$$$$ what about scrable? talory siwift%$: and % silos?$%

  10. never use dairy crem-mer? why? coffie: suger? ant acid and ! dont drink the water?

  11. Code for nuclear missile of USAF 1964-1977 : 00000000

  12. I often ask my computer at work: "Joshua what are you doing?"

  13. Nice to know a teenager in the 80's could nearly start a nuclear war.

  14. Hey baby, wana kill all humans?

    Bender Bending Rodriguez.

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