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GCW Art of War Games: AEW’s Jon Moxley Defeats Matt Cardona For The Title, Challenges Nick Gage!

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Jon Moxley makes a shocking appearance at GCW’s Art of War Games defeating Matt Cardona in his open challenge for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship! Mox then challenges Nick Gage face to face in a dream match ten years in the making. Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage for the GCW Championship 10/9/21 in Atlantic City, NJ!

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  1. Tony Kahn, Holy shit has he changed wrestling. Fucking love the crossovers. WWE isn't wrestling end of. It's Disney.

  2. Love the old school territory beefs. Congrats for being there everyone. Woulda been sick to be there!

  3. WWE: you belong to only me.
    AEW: I share all my toys

  4. Mox has sucha love for wrestling. It's crazy how eager he is to travel the world despite the name recognition and paycheque he has

  5. Nice to see the cavemen from the Geico commercials finally have a new job.

  6. Funny thing is, john would never have faced matt in wwe.

  7. I met mox at a meet and greet and I called him Mr. Good and he was shocked and talked to me for 15 minutes. He is odd but a really nice guy

  8. WWE is Orkut
    AEW is Facebook
    You know what I mean

  9. So. Matt almost kills himself to win the belt and in his first defense he loses it to Mox who will barely defend it since he is All elite. Wow. Not just dumb but bloody disrespectful towards Matt. The guy keeps getting screwed wherever he goes

  10. I am simply in Love with Pro-wrestling again ❤️. The lost love for wrestling is rekindled ❤️ 🎉🥃Wrestlers with freedom! Surprise cross promotion debuts! Great Steel Cage matches! Thank You #AEW Rocks!

  11. Try hard to look like Stone Cold🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Honestly would've loved to see Cardona hold the belt for a bit longer, he's been on one of the best heel runs I've ever seen in wrestling. Hyped for Mox v Gage tho, gonna be a fucking bloodbath.

  13. when mox was in WWE I really didn't give a shit, But now I'm loving this guy. It's like now he's allowed to me himself and I'm really liking how he operates.

  14. Moxley didn't have a title shot, how could he be champion?

  15. Moxley is on a trip be a champion in all promotions

  16. I confused is Moxley not working with Aew anymore or Not But why this person recording sounds Like Kevin Owens

  17. I have to say shitttttttttt!!!!!! Oh Moxley baby!!!!!

  18. Ppl won't be satisfied till Mox gets cut in the wrong spot and end up in a bad situation.

  19. The Never Angel was here. 🖖🐱⛩🖖🏻🐼

  20. Hey I made it into your video lol. Top hat guy as Cardona exists the cage

  21. he dosent have a theme yet so i hope he uses shitlist

  22. I love how free wrestlers can be in places like Impact, AEW, NJPW, AAA and its all about the fans!

  23. I don't get the appeal of this guy. I just can't take him serious

  24. Congrats to GCW for trashing their top title & therefore GCW.

  25. Those crazy, tough GCW fans wearing masks sort of ruins it for me….

  26. I'm amazed that AEW will let Moxbrose do a full on deathmatch with the bank addicted drug robber Himself, Nick Gage.

  27. After the forbidden door was busted open we are getting some good dream matches .

  28. Crazy how gcw can do a better payoff to stories than aew
    Cardona shows up pretending to be mox fooling everyone and then win the belt from gage

    Then the real deal shows up

  29. Wait a min, AEW superstars are allowed to appear in other independent promotions unlike WWE superstars?

  30. Aquí las señoritas de roman Reigns y Randy orton
    No durarían ni dos minutos , Moxley y omega
    Esos si son buenos luchadores
    Ya wwe da asco

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