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GCW Art of War Games: AEW’s Jon Moxley Defeats Matt Cardona For The Title, Challenges Nick Gage!

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Jon Moxley makes a shocking appearance at GCW’s Art of War Games defeating Matt Cardona in his open challenge for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship! Mox then challenges Nick Gage face to face in a dream match ten years in the making. Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage for the GCW Championship 10/9/21 in Atlantic City, NJ!

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  1. This is about all Moxley is good for: being a fake champion in a stupid little indy fed full of garbage matches.

  2. WWE has ruined Cardona’s character, making him a jobber for years, that seeing him as a Heavyweight Champion doesn’t seem to sit well. But anyways props to Moxley for agreeing to wrestle in a knock off wrestling promotion. You know none of the big stars in WWE like Rollins and Reigns, would ever do that, even without WWE’s restrictions.

  3. Jon Moxley is truly living the best wrestling life right now.

  4. This is why I love John mox this guy is humble and loves pro wrestling

  5. I’m always glad to see Cardona lose, the king of cringe no doubt

  6. So he challenges a guy who has consecutively lost every match he's had recently?? Makes no sense tbh.

  7. Dude.. the partnerships AEW has made with impact, gcw, njpw.. its insane. There are 2 types of wrestling companies.. one tries to ignore all and gets to the top, one partners with all and gives the fans dream matches by knocking down the forbidden door. AEW has changed pro wrestling. I love how all the smaller promotions over shadowed by wwe has been brought back to the limelight

  8. Walking legend himself Moxley ⛓⛓⛓ The real belt collector lol ⛓⛓⛓

  9. Amazing 👍 thank you AEW for saving real wrestling.

  10. John moxley has that stone cold tough guy attitude about him. and WWE really drop'd the ball on Dean Ambrose

  11. Damn I'm actually checking out wrestling again 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Nick gage and moxley will put a match for the ages

  13. I'm gonna start off saying I'm not a HUGE Game Changer fan…I don't love the death match stuff. I can take it in doses but some of the more gratuitous stuff I can leave alone altogether. Anyhow…I do think Matt Cardona's reign as champion came to an end a bit too soon. I think the amount of heat he had when he beat Nick Gage was absolutely INSANE!!! I think they should have kept the belt on Cardona for at least 6 months. Still coulda done an angle between Mox and Gage… just without the belt. Cardona unfortunately doesn't really have anywhere to go from here and I don't see him coming back. BIG TIME dropping of the BALL here….even if the ball is covered in razorblades and thumbtacks!

  14. I hate to see these guys put their body’s through that but I still love them

  15. This means he's going to have a death match with gage. Oh lord. I bet they do it on dynamite.

  16. Felt bad for Cardona. He looks like a placeholder in that title.

  17. Jon moxley is Thanos no one can tell me anything different. He collecting titles like infinity stones.

  18. Since nick always beat Moxley it would only be appropriate if he put Moxley over

  19. I don't really get Moxley. What is he going for? Like a bargain basement Steve Austin really.

  20. Ryder didn't even sell the finish…and he wonder why nobody cares about him

  21. At least Matt got to keep the belt for few weeks

  22. Who would’ve thought they’d see Zack Ryder and Dean Ambrose fighting for the GCW title in 2021

  23. Dude got contract both AEW and GCW.. AEW Really gives freedom to their stars

  24. Ryder still jobin in the minors lol

  25. AEW is what wrestling is all about. All wrestling promotions eat. Even the small ones trying to become something! It's a community. WWE isn't pro wrestling. 2 companies in different lanes.

  26. Mox straight said come get it on Dynamite basically lol

  27. Since Tony Khan and his mouth opened the forbidden doors, and AEW has been running through it, grabbing belts with Omega – "AAA Mega Champion," Christian – "Impact World Heavyweight Champion," Moxley – "GCW World Heavyweight Champion," and Lucha Bros – "AAA Tag Team Champions."

  28. Imagin monday night raw audience watches this, complete clueless lmao

  29. This why AEW is the only wrestling company in the world today that open the forbidden door that WWE said it should "never" be open because it will cause issue but look at AEW partner up with NJPW and Impact And Indy Wrestling Shows and ROH that why AEW just became the Number 1 Wrestling Company in the States. I know WWE is big but look what happened they stop their Japan Tryout And now they are planning stop NXT and Triple H went for a emergency surgery on his heart and They bring new superstar to main roster like the old times without training so if I'm wrong about this tell me by reply to me let me hear your voice

  30. AEW is letting wrestler go around make it better for both wrestling organizations! Nice job Wwe will fold to stubborn to keep up with the times! Time for a change!

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