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GCW Art of War Games: AEW’s Jon Moxley Defeats Matt Cardona For The Title, Challenges Nick Gage!

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Jon Moxley makes a shocking appearance at GCW’s Art of War Games defeating Matt Cardona in his open challenge for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship! Mox then challenges Nick Gage face to face in a dream match ten years in the making. Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage for the GCW Championship 10/9/21 in Atlantic City, NJ!

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  1. Cordona is to much of a pretty boy for matches like this. Obviously this is right up Moxleys alley

  2. I couldn't ever imagine Roman doing something like this. Hed be, blood i cant bleed im the head if the table. Im the big dog. He wouldn't last 1 minute in a match like this with Moxley. Hes nothing more than a Vince stooge kiss ass

  3. Mox gonna give Renee a heart attack when he fight nick gate shit gonna be crazy!!!!

  4. I feel like for the first time in a LONG time, Moxley is truly in his element and loving it. I know he's gonna have some kind a run in gcw

  5. Mickey has always been off the chain. Mickey is one of the greatest wrestler I have seen.I really really love that Mickey puts on a fantastic show wherever he goes to work.

  6. I thought a few years ago that sooner or later all the indie promotions would start collaborating a lot more with each other. AEW is definitely bridging the gap on that one…

  7. Nick cage looks like a garbage man who choosed wrestling as an hobby…

  8. "You know where to find it, mother fucker!"
    Well, I guess we're getting Mox vs Gage on AEW.

  9. 2 BWDM Lovers Brothers From Another Mother

  10. No wonder Jon was wearing a GCW Shirt at all out.

  11. Love the smaller cage sides gives a much more home scool auditorium feel. Also would love see these type of scaffolds used ie like old days where they went into table towers but this case table in ring and off scaffold be so cool to see

  12. I really feel bad for cardona, everytime he gets momentum something always takes it away from him

  13. This is what wrestling promotions should do for each other ❤️ helps with ticket sales,helps promote and gives the fans a great surprise they’ll never forget ❤️ unlike the stick up the w.w.e and vince’s tight ass

  14. Dean should u back to wwe 2 ur bro is there😢

  15. Gage needs Dr Britt to work on his teeth. That's a gross mouth

  16. Thank God for AEW for allowing this to h appen. I feel like a kid again.

  17. No! Broski!!!
    How could they do this to the Death Match King???

  18. Bah. He barely fought Cardona. It would have been much cooler if the Zack Ryder beatdown lasted longer and was more thorough. This was lame.

  19. I'm not a huge moxley fan. But he puts in more work then almost any wrestler in any company

  20. This is a match i need to see mox vs gage fuck YES

  21. Everybody knew that mat cordona would loose accept matt! What a drag! Great job Jon moxeley!

  22. This is crazy, I’ve seen GCW, TNT, NWA, New Japan and Ring of Honor all cross wrestler. The old days of WWE monopoly are dead.

  23. “I was routing for you you fucking idiot” was great

  24. Yahooo! My wrestler!!! Jon Moxley the unbeatable!

  25. war games lol. nxt is war games =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0

  26. Seems Advertising is much important than wrestling.

  27. Wow, Dean Ambrose squashes Zack Ryder. How could WWE let these walk out?.

  28. And just like that zac Ryder is gone from GCW but atleast it's his longest title run lol

  29. Now this will be an epic match considering the history between the 2 of them stemming back to when Moxley was CZW World Champion and Nick Gage was his 1st challenger for that title . Gage did win it in a 3way from Mxley but never pinned him for it . Now that Moxley has the GCW World Title and Gage wants it back in the worst way it should get real interesting between the 2 of them . Can't wait to see what happens . This is a hardcore fan's dream match . BTW loving the SLAYER shirt Moxley was rocking .

  30. "I've been chasing you for 10 years. I've been waiting for you for 10 years Nicky. You want this? You know where to find it motherfucker!!"
    Mox is an absolute legend.

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