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GCW Art of War Games: AEW’s Jon Moxley Defeats Matt Cardona For The Title, Challenges Nick Gage!

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Jon Moxley makes a shocking appearance at GCW’s Art of War Games defeating Matt Cardona in his open challenge for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship! Mox then challenges Nick Gage face to face in a dream match ten years in the making. Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage for the GCW Championship 10/9/21 in Atlantic City, NJ!

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  1. Dean ambrose and zack ryder 😊👍

  2. Matt cordona cant catch a break. He’s new gimmick should just be guy who gets himself only to buried lol

  3. this is. soooo bad and trash -wrestling is headed for the toilet 😂

  4. Awesome scene and man its amazing how much the wrestling scene bas changed in such a relatively short amount of time.

    Moxley vs. Gage is gonna be money.


    …Is Nick Gage really gonna lose to another AEW guy…?

  5. That company is becoming more famous than ROH

  6. Jon Moxley is officially the bouncer of the coolest club in town.

  7. For the 1st time in the wrestling world truly anything can happen!

  8. Why is nick cage so overrated??
    He got low in ring skills.. and is just a madman..

  9. Jon fking moxley 👏👏👏👏

  10. lol Cardona having flashbacks of being a jobber in WWE getting beatin' down by The Shield's Dean Ambrose.

  11. Jon Will Go To Any Promotion And I Will Still Support Him

  12. Wow mox with slayer shirt, fucking metal I like this.

  13. The wrestling world doesn't seem to amaze me. Now MOXLEY'S The NEW GCW CHAMPION!!? This is straight up overkill, BUT I LOVE IT!

  14. No joke I think Nick gave is better then moxley

  15. "You want this! You know where to find it, motherfu#&er!" – Great intensity and hardcore storytelling right there.


    now THAT is a promo. Nick Gage also knows the value of sinister brooding silence before cutting a promo at the top of his lungs

  17. This is what it must have felt like before Vince bought up the territories.
    Guys or girls could go to other promotions and get a wider market appel.
    This works on so many levels.
    (It's all about the merch.)
    Tee shirt sales up✅
    Viewer ship up✅
    If he could say something nice about doge coin, sales of that would go thur the roof.😂😂😂

  18. I wanna see Nick Gage back on Dynamite just to see Cornette freak out again 😂. Book it Mr. Kahn

  19. Looks like now the rivalry between Mox and Gage will be taking a new whole other level. Its been 11 years in the making

  20. It's sad to see all these ecw rip offs none of them could ever be an original cause none of these idiots can work a match

  21. I think i saw Cornette in the crowd…

  22. WTF I thought jon moxley after joining aew is finally a big name in pro wrestling just like Roman, Brock and cena but I guess he's not and even if he is why is he going to such small wrestling companies Can't he just stick to aew I think Roman and Seth's storyline is going far better than this moxley thing

  23. This is so f’n awesome lol. I love being a wrestling fan right now.

  24. 5x bigger crowd than impact lol

  25. So is Moxley taking it to AEW. Opening another door?

  26. I cannot wait to hear a certain podcaster discuss this topic 😅

  27. That Nick gage or whatever is a bum idk why mox does thid worthless shit when he gets paid millions for aew Tony needs to start being a boss not a damn friend

  28. I love how AEW let's Mox do whatever he wants. Hes too insane for normal wrestling. Perfect for GCW. I wonder what Renee thinks when he tells her hes gonna get thrown into glass and tables and shit. I mean, growing we saw some crazy matches but these death matches are insane. Until somebody actually dies from them, they are great.

  29. #Moxely he is very hard worker I want to see him on the Top😭❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  30. You know its popping when Moxley chants get drowned out by Moxley chants!

  31. Yup. The broski still used as a jobber against big names.

  32. Bro I hope Cardona still stays relevant in gcw cause he was a badass heel

  33. I think mox is happier competing in a venue then being on shit raw.

  34. Tony Khan keeping the Forbidden Door swinging is saving pro wrestling. Other promotions are getting exposure from big names from AEW. This is huge. Imagine going to a GCW match and seeing MJF and Wardlow or Orange Cassidy and a Red Velvet.

  35. I'm just here to laugh at the folks that got up and left at the clown spot. Ha ha douche bags, you missed it. Lol

  36. How is this a sanctioned title match he ambush the champ and now he is champion

  37. Jon Moxly is always the best ever he is one of the best in the world in wrestling world 🏆such a brave warrior man💪💞🎖️

  38. Cardona immediately covered his head after he left the cage. He thought he was about to get murdered with bottles

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