Gear up for Survivor Series WarGames! -

Gear up for Survivor Series WarGames!

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For the first time ever Survivor Series will hold WarGames matches, where two teams of five competitors compete in two rings surrounded by a steel structure. Don’t miss Survivor Series which airs Nov. 26, at 8 p.m. ET, exclusively on Peacock in the U.S. and on WWE Network everywhere else.
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  1. Imagine the Bloodline vs Brawling Brutes, KO, and Austin Theory at Wargames, with Sami Zayn almost costing the Bloodline their win because of KO…

  2. It look like we might see more then two wargames matches

  3. Universal champion roman reings vs Wwe champion roman reings?

  4. Take back one title from Roman reings. BORING ERA

  5. It's Time for Shield 🔥 Waiting for Shield

  6. Takeover wargames 2020 memories everytime I hear war pigs

  7. Its feel like heel dean ambrose (jon moxley) entrance

  8. Please in survivor series on one -one match roman reigns vs drew mcyinter.

  9. I remember When War Games was introduced back To The Wrestling World in 2017 it was an Epic Moment and The War Games Matches that followed were all brutal, Painful and Classics

  10. Is that raw and Smackdown fight against each other or it's about separate team inside each brand??

  11. Survivor series has been the worst out of the four main ppv but now that might all change I cannot wait

  12. The Bloodline vs The OC vs Judgement Day

  13. And the Lord said "Let There Be WARGAMES!!!!!!!!!!"

  14. I missed hearing William Regal saying WARGAMES!

  15. Add Seth Freakin Rollins Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Mustafa Ali Vs Austin Theory to it!!

  16. Still remember the first 2017 War Games with Undisputed era, Sanity and AOP mannn I miss em

  17. can you survive at this war,YESSSSS war games and survivor series are combining both carnage and brutal yesss survivor series this is wars games

  18. When 1st hear this, bout time wwe bring back real wwe ppv/premium live event theme song

  19. here me out, what if cody rhodes made a surprise appearance and help beat roman reigns.

  20. Survivor Series: WarGames! 🚨🚨

    Rollins 🆚 Ali
    Knight 🆚 Wyatt
    Team Bianca 🆚 Damage Control
    Gunther 🆚 Strowman
    The Bloodline 🆚 Team Sheamus
    The O.C. 🆚 The Judgment Day

  21. The ambulance siren in the background just gave chills

  22. Thanks TRIPLE HHH!!!!❤️
    Love 4 life

  23. Yoshi wii remote with wii motion plus inside says:

    I just realized that Ozzy kinda sounds like Finn lol

  24. I hope is liv because she is in the promo so liv needs to be the 5th member of this wargames aint no way they will show her in the promo and on the poster if she want be invovle in it

  25. Idc what anyone says, this better be the theme every year

  26. In my opinion.
    There should be team raw vs team smackdown
    Wargames match.
    A lot of the teams on the list are factions.

  27. Nothing special for me. Ohh woooww 2 rings uhhhhh 🙄

  28. The full BLOODLINE will fight together. I'm very excited.

  29. How many war games matches will there be 2? 3? 4?

  30. Man I would love to watch Cena in War Games at least one time in my life before he hung up his sneakers ( boots).

  31. Survivor Series 2019 First ever triple brand
    Raw vs SmackDown vs NXT
    Survivor Series 2022 : Wargames

  32. When it comes to WWE's version of Wargames, its gonna be tough to surpass Undisputed Era vs Ciampa, Keith Lee, Dijakovic and Owens, that is still the best WWE Wargames match but i'm still hyped for The Bloodline vs Brawling Brutes, McIntyre and Owens

  33. Is it difficult for WWE to find a stronger character to fight Roman Reigns?

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