Gears of War Xbox 360 Trailer - Mad World Trailer -

Gears of War Xbox 360 Trailer – Mad World Trailer

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  1. Truly one of the best pieces of art work ever. Please consider my bias of this being one of the best video games of all time. What a song, what a cinema. Bless whoever made this trailer

  2. And this is what made me fall in love with the Xbox

  3. This and the assasins creed trailer with teardrops

  4. Love this trailer. The way the darkness and dread are portrayed is eerie. A world that was once home, now a charred battleground. Enemies in front, enemies behind, no escape, no hope, and yet he pushes on from one impossible situation to another. The depression and hopelessness of the world are further reinforced by Gary Jules, which is just a masterwork of a piece of music and fits perfectly with the scene. So much captured in a minute. Beautiful.

  5. This trailer really reflects the mindset of mr. Blezsinski during that time… My favorite trailer of all time…

  6. This, together with Halo, is the pinnacle of video game advertising

  7. A couple of days ago me and my brother was watching TV and this song came on and at the same time without a delay we both said "gears of War" had to come here to get the nostalgia

  8. 10 years later I'm playing the hell out of Gears 5 multiplayer

  9. I'm a PS gamer but how does this not have 1m+ views after 10 years?

  10. The greatest video game commercial in history, period.

  11. They don't make games like these in now days. In the present, the games are all about woman and including minorities.

  12. This and the Halo SB Trailer “Not Yet” are etched forever

  13. Ten years old this trailer and still one of the greatest games of all time

  14. I've never had Xbox or played Gears of War, but this is so iconic it's nostalgia even for me…

  15. And at the end of Gear of War 3, we have a tomorrow.

  16. Aquí es donde comienza una gran travesía legendaria, llena de dolor, pérdidas y coraje, aún recuerdo de nińo como me clavaba horas jugando Gears 1 ♡

  17. Worked at an AMC theatre and still remember this trailer in between movies. Haunting and beautiful.

  18. This reminds me of when me and my brother were kids, we used to watch these trailers all the time then play games together. There was nothing like the Xbox 360 days 😥😥

  19. The theme of "Destroyed Beauty" in Gears 1 is the most gut wrenching thing. You can tell what used to be. How wonderful it must have been

  20. This trailer made me buy an Xbox 360 and I’ve never looked back since 🥰

  21. Probably the greatest video game trailer ever.

  22. This one one of if not the best video game trailer of all time

  23. Just came over from the ODST commercial to enjoy the two best gaming trailers of all time.

  24. New gears can't even hope to compare to this masterpiece.

  25. Me when newcal has no game on a Saturday night

  26. It's funny how both the game and the trailer are great, but they give off competely different vibes

  27. When you realise that the best Warhammer 40k game ever made is gears of war

  28. 15 Years… Happy 15th to this legendary franchise!

  29. When did this actually air? Must have been 2007ish?

  30. Sometimes when you watch TV stoned and a commercial becomes an Oscar worthy short film

  31. This trailer made me buy an Xbox 360 asap <3

  32. By far one of the best video game reveal trailers of all time.

  33. You’re friendly reminder that Gears of War was oddly somber and had plenty of horror themes and isn’t whatever the hell 4 and 5 are.

  34. "Gears of War? They might as well call it Tears of War."

  35. Trailers like this one make me sad. They've become a bygone era, replaced with souless explosion fests and rainbow colors overload. The art is on its dying breath.

  36. Hustling through ashen corpses to save Sera. Wow.

  37. This is what made me buy an xbox 360! Love Gears!!

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