Gears Tactics REVIEW | Xbox Series X Next HUGE Game | New Gears of War Game | Xbox News -

Gears Tactics REVIEW | Xbox Series X Next HUGE Game | New Gears of War Game | Xbox News

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Gears Tactics is a new strategy game that was developed by Xbox Game Studios and is one of the best Gears of War games I’ve played. It has so many aspects to it that Microsoft and Xbox has a hit on their hands.

With the Xbox Series X right around the corner this game could be the next huge game for the next generation consoles.

The Coalition has taken the Gears of War franchise and expanded on it more than I ever could have imagined. I hope Xbox continues to make these Gears Tactics games.

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  1. Why do I have a feeling that PS fanboys come here say that this is AA game ?

  2. Hope the game does well though I hope it doesn't become a standard thing were some first party games come to only pc and not xbox

  3. Greatful game 8.9/10 im exited Series x 🤤💚

  4. I dont mind games in this genre but it could have been something else instead of gears. I got worn out on gears after 4 being avg.

  5. "Controler ready"?
    So why it's not on the xbox already? Wtf?
    Am I going to play "old" PC games on my xbox now?

    And before fanboys come to the rescue. I'm a day one xbox fan (from the original xbox) and I love Gears, Halo, Forza, and Fable.
    They are actually some of my all time favourite franchises (and Ori is getting up there very fast).

  6. I love these xcom style strategy games so yes im definitely getting it but my pc being the dinosaur that it is im gonna be waiting for the console version. Can’t wait.

  7. Not a die hard stragety fan but,i I'll definitely check it out!,when it drops on Xbox one of course😉

  8. Fantastic Review. Another Proof of Diversity in genres for xbox. Great job. Cant wait to play it on console. Stay safe!

  9. Hey Zalker I like your review I have to say it is good to see a review from a fan and gamer perspective that is still fair and that you can trust. You were the only review that I have seen mention controller so plus there overall I can't wait to play this on console and to see more of a game like Age of Empires 4!

  10. Gears Tactics – 81
    Predator – 56

    And ponies have the cheek to TRY and spit fire about Xbox games? Bleeding edge got a 70. 14 more and ponies were hyping that up.

  11. Thanks for the video Zalker. Enjoyed it. Unfortunately I'm still a bit salty about it not coming to console same as pc. I think it sends the wrong message to xbox gamers. But happy to hear you enjoyed it

  12. This should have been related on both pc and xbox on the same day. Kinda upset about that. Looks awesome I wish I could play

  13. Great review, definitely gonna give this a look

  14. Fix your microphone. You need a pop-filter on it. Makes it REALLY hard to listen to. Your voice is very good for reviews, but fix up your equipment.

  15. How is this a ''huge game''? I see this as a small insignificant spin-off

  16. I'm really looking forward to this game. I'm gonna wait till console release though. Also R.I.P. The Last of Us 2. I had high expectations for that game, but I saw all the leaks. I'm not so sure i want it anymore its very very bad.

  17. Niche game made for a certain type of gamers, more of the pc world. Like halo wars. Its very Good for the pc crowd. Not for console gamers. I think it will be good for the pc gamers that like very much this Kind of games. No doubt. In console not really. Thats why nobody makes this Kind of games or rts or tower defense games. There arent many choice there.

  18. Has anybody seen or heard about this xbox project oris? Its fucking amazing

  19. Big fan of X-Com 2, turn based strategy games and the Gears universe, so I’ll be installing this tomorrow.

  20. Cut scenes are good but not quite Gears5 level.

  21. Why the hell is this not on xbox? I thought this was a Microsoft first party launch………….. so much for ‘play anywhere’

  22. I honestly am on the fence to play this for primarily the reason of it being a pretty long campaign I hear. The side missions are really required so I hear and the 30 hour campaign promise ain't no lie, and if that's the case I might want to clear my docket a bit more before hand.

  23. I’m most interested in the story since I love the gears universe.

  24. I can't wait for this to come to Xbox. I loved Xcom and I'm a huge Gears fan (even read the books). I also can't wait for the May event (my money is on a "random" Monday drop) next week.

  25. Was hesitant to try until I heared "Game Pass" 😀 Can finally scratch that strategy game itch

  26. Yeah I would play It… but it’s not on the actual Xbox were I game. Ffs why ain’t it on the xbox

  27. I highly consume these turn based tactics games, but when are companies gonna put out more real time ones like full spectrum warrior? I love the pacing of that game.

  28. Gonna play it Now on PC. And then on Xbox One X. Later on Xbox Series X.

  29. More tears a see, tears 5 was 5hrs long on the deadbox with 6 hrs of cutscenes
    This is 40hrs of crap made for PC, a wouldnt be suprised if its got 25 plus hrs of cutscenes an all anyway who cares am a console gamer not PC

  30. 18 people are playing bleeding edge still lmfao
    It'll still beat that echo the dolphin remaster

  31. I couldn’t get past the tutorial of gears 5 because it’s so boring. I tried to play the first gears of war when it came out and got bored too. It’s not good.

  32. Shouldn’t xbox get first copy? since it did originate on xbox, those fans should get the exclusive…backwards smh

  33. I wish they’d tell us when they’re going to release the console version. I have what would be considered a pretty good gaming PC, but I use it for work and prefer to just play games like this with mouse & KB on my Xbox. If I open Pandora’s Box and start playing this on my PC, I will never get any work done. It’s so weird to me that this didn’t release at the same time on console.

  34. Is it me or does he sound like Major Nelson?

  35. I miss the old Locust I want them back and also the fat boomers where awesome I liked the fact they were bullet sponges

  36. I agree with every word of your review. I'd love it if they added the x-com like research and customization elements in a future installment. I'm also a fan of TB strategy games and a long-time X-com fan (since the 90s). I wonder if they could do something like this with Halo or Fable. I'm working through it, I work alot so there's little time sadly, but I'm getting there. Thanks as usual for the content and great vids.

  37. Nice Review dude. Can't wait to play it on Xbox😎😎😎

  38. There weren't any problems with this game? And why is it a 8.9 and not a 9. Number ratings are arbitrary and need to stop being the industry standard. Just tell me if you think it is worth the purchase at the time of publishing the video. Tell me how long you played and any problems you have or had. Step it up, Zalker.

  39. I am not a big Gears fan only played the first one and I usually hate most tactics games they're boring to me or too complicated. But this game is soooo much fun and feels like a mainline Gears game with great cutscenes that feel big and epic. The gameplay feels so natural with all the Gears tropes from the grenades to the chainsaws and the clunky armor. I love this game it has become one of my top 5 games of 2020 so far go buy it now!

  40. Not a fan of gears story after the second game but xcom is one of my favourite games so this could be my bag gameplay wise.

  41. Maaaaan I can't wait to play this on xb1. I've been replaying them lately.

  42. I have the Series X but feel Microsoft should release Gears Tactics on the PS4 and PS5 also. Sony has a huge marketplace and I'm sure Microsoft could make a lot by selling GT on to the system, leaving more cash for Gears Tactics 2.

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