Gears Tactics REVIEW | Xbox Series X Next HUGE Game | New Gears of War Game | Xbox News -

Gears Tactics REVIEW | Xbox Series X Next HUGE Game | New Gears of War Game | Xbox News

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Gears Tactics is a new strategy game that was developed by Xbox Game Studios and is one of the best Gears of War games I’ve played. It has so many aspects to it that Microsoft and Xbox has a hit on their hands.

With the Xbox Series X right around the corner this game could be the next huge game for the next generation consoles.

The Coalition has taken the Gears of War franchise and expanded on it more than I ever could have imagined. I hope Xbox continues to make these Gears Tactics games.

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  1. Is Gears Tactics a game you would play? I find it to be Xbox's next massive game! What do you think of the review?

  2. bruh I swear to god if I see any “first” comments I’m gonna kill someone

  3. Yes I would buy this game but I wonder if the sales numbers could also determine the success especially with this game

  4. Zalker you make amazing content and I love watching the podcasts keep it up

  5. XSX – raytracing ON

    Ps5 – raytracing OFF

  6. Gabe Diaz from Gears Tactics, is Kate Diaz' dad.

  7. Xbox first parties keep bringing the goods.

  8. I've always said XBOX Game Stories are Underrated and Sony "Single Player Narrative Story Driven Games" are Incredibly Overrated!

  9. When are they going to announce the May event Zalker we’re getting kinda close. Y’all said first week of May that’s next week sooooo??????

  10. Am I the only one who could care less about Kate and her family??? I'm tired of this new teenage drama direction they're taking with gears… I just want gore a good creepy atmosphere fun shooting mechanics and Marcus Phoenix being a badass… is that too much to ask for… gears imo has definitely lost its creepy atmosphere.

  11. I also watched the Digital Foundry video where they talk about graphics and performance. It really sounds like a lot of effort was put in this game. Can't wait to give it a try.

  12. Man the game looks crazy nice. I hope they give lots of dlc like state of decay dose

  13. Will it be enhanced for XBOX Series X? They may have to make the menu screens have larger text for the TV version…

  14. While TBT is not my thing I'm glad the game is receiving positive reviews.

  15. Hyped!

    Good review Zalker. I already have this pre-installed on my PC. Just waiting for tomorrow to jump on.

  16. Really glad for the Xbox peeps that are getting some love from MS.

  17. Im excited to play this man Turn Based Games are a treat for me ever since I played the Wasteland Series from Inxile in Gamepass.

  18. I feel bad for Playstation fans right now The Last of Us 2 is a total SJW dumpster fire props to the person who leaked it all a true hero.

  19. Thanks xbox team
    Thanks Phil Spencer
    Xbox SEREIS X, day 1, we will buy

  20. ……8.9 Zalker, just give it a freaking 9 dude!

  21. "Gamepass will help this game". What happened to ori or bleeding edge? Didnt hit npd. Didnt hit top played. Microsoft never even announced players. Both games must have been a bust.

  22. Xbox is turning the wheel. Is becoming great again.

  23. I wanted to sign up for the Xbox one x all access program but all are sold out. So can’t play gears

  24. U gave it a 8.9 but yet u say it's better than com. No game is perfect and there will always be something u wish they added or had more of but why the 8.9.

  25. Gears Tactics 81
    Predator PS4 56

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