Get ready for the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 20, 2019 -

Get ready for the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 20, 2019

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Team Ripley and Team Baszler are ready to make history at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. See how they got to this point in a music video featuring “I Disagree” by Poppy. Song: “I Disagree” by Poppy. Download or Stream: Apple Music – , Spotify –

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  1. which wargames match is going to main event the woman's or the men's or there both going to co main event

  2. I love you Pink Ranger 2 & Kendall Jenner me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber & Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez

  3. Io Shirai’s one line sent chills. 😭😭 That woman is a walking blessing 😭

  4. This video package is AHMAZINGGGGGGGGG

  5. This match is main eventing NXT TakeOver

  6. This promo hell all NXT promos are fantastic why cant the main roster be like this….oh wait we got RUSEV CHEATED ON ME

  7. Hope this mainevents the show. It's the most interesting match through the whole weekend in my opinion

  8. NXT, lock the damn cage! It's time for a war to end all wars.

  9. 良いねぇ~♪紫雷イオ♪ゾクゾクする位に美しい!本気で惚れた!

  10. Poppy is actually the perfect artist for ppv songs.

  11. Io or Candice or Kay Lee will jump from the top of the cage and I can’t wait 😊

  12. Side note. Undesputed Era is the wargames specialist. This is their third straight Wargames. Like how Taker is synonymous with Mania. This is their SHOW. Obviously nowhere near that level. But maybe down the line. I could see it.

  13. Nobody:
    Literally Nobody:
    Regal: WARGAMES!!!

  14. What's the name of the band doing the song for the women's war games match. Thanks

  15. The band is creepy as i look their faces.

  16. Shayna bazler is loser bayley is the best duhh

  17. This promo is sick 🔥 and 100 times better than any RAW or SD promo.

  18. Gawd! Rhea could stab me with her heel.

  19. Damn Tegan fox smiling should tould us she was going to get attack

  20. Honestly compare NXT women's division to WWE main roster & wwe main roster women's division looks weak 😬

  21. Even after war games I'm still watching this the edits are to good

  22. Very cool video package. Up there with the Rock Vs Austin My Way video

  23. My wife and I couldn't decide what to have for dinner, and William Regal be like…


  24. Hell of a video package, just sucks that two of the people in this package never even got to set foot in the cage.

  25. The Reality World Has Been For
    2 Years In NXT But Now It Is Time For WarGames To Begin
    Get Ready For The Women's WarGames Match

  26. This is actually real the best match ever nxt is better than raw and smackdown combined

  27. The partnering of people together fits. I like all the people on each team.

  28. Hey does any one know what channel the NXT Wargames Match is gonna be on?

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