Ghost of War Launch trailer -

Ghost of War Launch trailer

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Ghosts of war
Second World War shooter. Choose your side. Prepare your weapons and hurry up to the battle – exciting online shooter with players all over the world and with beautiful well-designed graphics is waiting for you. You will get unforgettable experience of warfare in form of dynamic action!

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  1. Just for a pretty small developer team this is quite impressive im simply surprise its been a while since ive seen a good shooter game on monile with good graphic and my favorite category ww2

  2. Caution: P2w P2w P2w P2w P2w P2w P2w P2w P2w….

  3. pa cuando el juego?
    lo estoy esperando con ansias

  4. This seems like a genuine attempt for a quality game for mobile

  5. Download on Taptap its not available in my Playstore yet..

  6. It should also have campaign missions like call of duty ww2

  7. Este va a ser el battlefield para móviles creanme 👍😎

  8. World war heroes takes so long to load and has alot of errors i hope this isnt like that
    Edit:ehrn is it coming out?

  9. Esto tiene algo que ver con world war héroes? Porque se parece mucho

  10. This looks like battlefield but mobile version i hope its good tho

  11. Que se puedan volar los aviones.. o manejar los tanques porfa.

  12. こうゆうのを待っていた!!!

  13. Yo devs, i have an suggestion. To make the game epic, have bots to be cannon fodder. They can fight alongside with you and other stuff

  14. This is Battlefield V, but for mobile.

  15. The trailer have alot of explotion but when we play theres even no grenade

  16. Call of duty mobile but it's the ww2 version

  17. Everyone:*Complaining About How Bad This Game Is*
    Developers Who Worked Hard On This Game:👁👄👁

  18. basically WWH except more realistic and not pay to win

  19. اول عربي 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

  20. Ghosts Of War And WW2 Battle Combat Will Defeat WWH!!!!!

  21. I have made video about this game on my channel😂

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