Global Cyber Attack War Games | Andy Schectman -

Global Cyber Attack War Games | Andy Schectman

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Following war-games simulations, preparatory scenario planning, and official announcements, a cyber attack, “is the greatest concern in 2022,” says Andy Schectman, CEO and president of Miles Franklin. People’s finances are largely tied up in digital forms, and a cyber attack could shake the public into awareness of this reality. “If it does happen,” he says, “that’s the awakening moment where people say ‘I need to get some real money in my hands.'”

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0:00 Intro
3:30 How much gold/silver?
7:26 Gold as protection
11:05 Silver supplies
16:46 Cyber attack 2022?
19:44 Weekly special
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  1. Andy trying to scare people into buying metal. Fear propaganda

  2. Well although I have some crypto, if a cyber attack happens I will have far more confidence in my physical metal's…I think the ptb want to erase all of the evidence against them and their schemes, just like 911 was to clear some debt and move their agenda 21 ahead, they tell us what they want, they want us obedient card carrying slave, owning nothing and getting credit cookies for good service…they want use to be indebted to them, subservient…so get as debt free as possible and be your own bank…and maybe Farmer.

  3. The fiat system is collapsing. They want to crash it to implement the new one. The reason it’s so slow is they haven’t been ready, but will be very soon. They will use guises such coronavirus, supply chain, war, and producer greed to cover for the real criminals who put us in this situation . It will only speed up from here. In the end control of information will keep the masses clueless to who is really at fault.

  4. @ 5:20 That the very definition of the U.S. Dollar per the Coinage Act of 1792 is an amount of silver or gold it is irresponsible to say that the U.S.Dollar isn't worth anything. It is the fiat Fed Note that is worthless. Though the word dollar is on the Fed Note that should not deflect from the fact it is a Fed Note nor should one refer to it as a Dollar. If you put the logo from a Yugo auto next to the logo on a Ferrari would actually refer to it as a Yugo and expect others to do the same. Why not take a hint from James Anderson or Mike Maloney and take back the language of reality and stop using the Banksters propaganda terminology. No wonder so many have difficulty understanding monetary fundamentals when those they look to for guidance spew misinformation. VIVA la DOLLAR!

  5. When the public finally tunes into precious metals, legitimate dealers will have little to offer. The demand will be met with counterfeit product sold on Craig's list, Kijiji, Ebay or from the guy they met at the tavern. Since most most people could not tell the difference between a gold coin or a brass one, they will be easy marks. I see a lot of hurt coming in this business.

  6. This is for Dun if he does read comments maybe this will help and get us some better content. Here we are with the same horse getting beaten again…. this channel used to be great but now is in most cases not much more than a sales pitch for whatever guest is being featured – thinly veiled sales pitch at that. I will keep checking back for what are becoming increasingly rare good interviews here but I have grown tired of this kind of content.

  7. the whole corrupt diseased satan worshiping pedophile cult is coming down(maxwell), they are all connected, prepare for the storm,
    nothing can stop what is coming nothing.

  8. Who has any confidence in any government entity? If the government was in charge of the great lakes it would run out of water.

  9. They seem to always run a simulation before the actual event.

  10. C BAND OF 5G ROLLOUT JAN. 5th2022 CHINA to announce a gold backed digital yuan in Feb. After corona injection frequency modified grid down cyber attack bank holidays global financial crisis by design will we have another chance to acquire PM.

  11. This year is like a blur it has passed so quickly! Thanks Andy and DK. Andy has a wealth of knowledge.

  12. Whole lot of future fear factors going on here. Americans will be fine, be grateful you don’t live in places like Syria.

  13. The new normal is now worshipping the religion of totalitarianism. The sheep love the shepherd and walk willingly to get slaughtered.

  14. These people have been saying this for years, the premium on silver is a rip off and stops me from stacking further.

  15. What you mean if there’s a cyber attack? They’re telling you they’re going to do it so it’s when not if.

  16. 2019 is never coming back, when this all ends the world will be a very very different place and a lot less people around "because of (poverty starvation war jabs and natural disasters) , those who warn of a cyber attack, are the ones behind it,

  17. Thanks Andy, what we thought of as "normal" was actually money mind controlled magic, and they are not coming back. Life is going to become a lot simpler, and less materialistic.

  18. Why do people think the public will wake up? We are just beginning a mass psychosis.

  19. Thank you for the information, I enjoy your videos.

  20. 2022, fake psyop "cyber attack" as financial markets are crashing. Financial false flags on tap next. Gold/silver are money and wealth. END THE FED.

  21. If there is a cyberattack, thé globalists will be the ones doing it.
    They will do it to create an online digital biometric ID and to introduce the CBDC

  22. Andy mentions he holds crypto!! From 18:10 “which we all do”
    I wonder which ones ? Wise man
    Precious metals and crypto 🙂

  23. plz stay boosted.. trumq is gonna make a safe one so that nobody ever has to die from anything ever again

  24. Any idea how to buy at miles Franklin with credit card/PayPal?
    Andy is the best.
    Happy new year.
    God bless you too sir

  25. With the spot price being $22 ,23 you are pretty much locked into generic silver.

  26. They will go after the Electrical Grid , what happened here in Texas last Feb. is headed your way !

  27. pls add a few zeros to my bank account..LOL good …

  28. Run to Bitcoin .. He doesn’t understand scarcity or the future. Gold is NOT scarce ..

  29. This guy is on repeat. Come up with new material please.

  30. THUMBS DOWN: please coach your guests to use a headset for better audio.

  31. If they are gaming it they are going to do it. Simulation 201 then they do it. What they have done is criminal, genocidal and they need to pay for this!

  32. Whats more important gold or salvation.
    Sounds like you need to be saved. Why are waiting.

  33. We already know this so let's have a good bible study

  34. No one talks about evergrande and how it will pop the bubble. 255 million of debt payments missed yesterday. And 80 mill back in nov.

  35. The ignorant masses only care about being fed and entertained. Most don't know who or what the FED is. They will continue to depend and accept worthless fiat for quite some time.

  36. He’s right, however I remember watching this video about 20 years ago; where they were making gold at the university of Colorado.

    What would happen if the FED announced they can make gold at a 1/4 of the price????

    By the way the FED has a paper on it where they said something along the lines of they would need to actually make cheap gold, all they would need to do is say they can and the price would collapse immediately.

    By the way I own both gold and silver.

  37. This guy always looks like hes about ready to cry

  38. There will only be a cyber attack that makes global governance far more powerful.

  39. 1:54 There will be no return to normal. Period. It's a new era.

  40. I feel like next time paper silver price crashes it will go down to some stupid number like 15. And the physical metal price will actually go up to like above 30.

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