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God Of War Game Evolution [2005-2019]

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God Of War Game Evolution [2005-2019]
Games List 🧾
1:God Of War [2005]
Platforms:Ps2, Ps3, Ps Vita

2:God Of War II [2007]
Platforms:Ps2, Ps3, Ps Vita

3:God Of War: Betrayal [2007]
Platforms:Java Platform, Java ME

4:God Of War: Chains Of Olympus [2008]
Platforms:Ps3, PSP

5:God Of War Collection PS3 [2009]
Platforms:PlayStation 3

6:God Of War III [2010]
Platforms:Ps4, Ps3

7:God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta [2010]
Platforms:Ps3, PSP

8:God Of War: Origins Collection [2011]
Platforms:PlayStation 3

9:God Of War Saga [2012]
Platforms:PlayStation 3

10:God Of War: Ascension [2013]
Platforms:PlayStation 3

11:God Of War Collection Vita [2014]
Platforms:PlayStation Vita

12:God Of War III Remastered [2015]
Platforms:PlayStation 4

13:God Of War: A Call From The Wilds [2018]
Platforms:Facebook Text Based

14:God Of War [2018]
Platforms:PlayStation 4

15:God Of War: Raising Kratos [2019]
Platforms:God Of War Documentary
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  1. I never heard of gow betrayal, it looks like a mobile game

  2. I always wondering, why every god of war series is not in order in terms of releasing

  3. Solo paso dejar like por ofender con la portada

  4. I like gow old version. Graphics styles. Than gow4

  5. Brother love your content i want to play all god of war games choronologically can you tell me the order please?❤

  6. God of war 3 is the best … No offense 🔥🔥

  7. People from this age don’t realize how far ahead of its time were the first 2 games

  8. اريد رابط لعبه البلبدايه القطه الثالثه

  9. وت ليش جاي تعيد بل اجزاء

  10. I love old god of war…💯❤️❤️❤️

  11. Tengo los mismos años que god of war nice 😎👌

  12. Gow 4 camera angles aint same

  13. I’m waiting for something like “God of War Classic Collection”, with remakes of the original games (GoW,2,Ghost of Sparta, chains of Olympus) and the God of War 3 remaster for the PS5

  14. imagination for feature update in 2035🙄🙄🙄 graphics level

  15. And new one update God of War 5:Ragnarok ps5-2022

  16. In god of war when the pillars fell down ad we had to jump over to the pillars was reall hard for me

  17. There should be remake of God of War betrayal.

  18. I played god of war ascesion and god of war 2018

  19. I know all of you love God Of War 4 but isn't 3 the best?

  20. Get some knowledge and proper gameplay of game 🙄
    Giving wrong info and gameplay 🤦

  21. Ami me vale vrg de que año sea para mí siempre será un juegazo y la mejor infancia ♥️

  22. Me in 2007 : sells ps2

    Also me in 2007 : buys ps3

    Sony : Lets release god of war 2 on ps2

  23. Lol i have god of war playstation 3 version on my playstation 2

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