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God of War Games – From WORST to BEST

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Vanakkam Makkale…ranking god of war greek games from worst to best

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Hope you like the video and always thanks for watching

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  1. Me also fan of god of war……..ellame mass than thala

  2. Hi Bro, All God of war games support panura Best Laptop edhu bro?

  3. Bro thalivan fase la marak potathum entha gost of spatta la thaa

  4. My first game is all so 2 thaa bro

  5. God of War Chains of Olympus la Helios kuda enga da sanda poduvom. bayangarama olara. Persephone kuda dhana da sanda poduvom. sema game da adhu. mokka madhiri iruku un list

  6. God of war 3 and God of war ghost of sprata

  7. Bro ippo playstote la ghost of Sparta early access ah realease agapodhu

  8. God of war 3 fav bro
    and naaa intha chain of olympus game psp laye Play pani complete panitan Bro Story kammi than🤷‍♂️

  9. I Playes bro God of war Ghost of sparta In mobile fantastic graphic parabal beo

  10. Gow ghost of sparta mobile ah complete pannittan bro

  11. Naan ghost of sparta, chain of olympus, gow 1 & 2 android la vilayadi mudichiddan 😊

  12. Bro I like God of 3 it is in the first place for me

  13. Bro naa 1st vilayaduna God of War game vandhu part 1 & part 2 part 3 vilayadala bro God of War 4 en PS4 la vilayadi mudichiten bro aana pazhaya God of War games Mari satisfying ah illa andha combat fights lam satisfying ah illa old is gem 💎 goat 🐐 👌 🔥👌

  14. Still running the channel successfully😂👍🌝

  15. I played God of war ghost of Sparta on mobile

  16. Bro gow 3 thaa best of all even after norse adha no 1

  17. God of war 3 is my favorite game of this series bro🥇🏅🏌‍♂️

  18. Sparten total warriors story podunga bro….story rmba spr ah irukum

  19. Bro same bro.nanum 2than first play'pannan.appuram than 1 play pannan

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