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God of War games ranked. In my very controversial opinion #godofwarragnarok #godofwar

James The Lumbago Farmer
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  1. My opinion

    GOW 1: 10/10
    GOW 2: 8/10
    GOW 3: 6/10
    GOW 2018: 9/10
    GOW Ragnarök: 9/10

  2. God of war 1 1000000/10
    God of war 2 2000000/10
    God of war 3 3000000/10
    God of war 4 -10/10
    God of war ragnarok -99/10
    My option no hate

  3. 1. Gow 3
    2. Gow 5
    3. Gow 2
    4. Gow 1
    5. Gow 4

  4. NEVER RATE AGAIN 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  5. Ah,another new god of war player who doesn't understand or appreciate the old games.

  6. If your opinion is controversial, keep it to yourself 👌🏽

  7. You are foolish BOY you disappoint your mother

  8. Ragnarok is a perfect and I mean PERFECT10/10

  9. God of War 1 Masterpeace ❤❤❤ It's Nostailgia Brother 😢❤

  10. The game who have 10/10 just NOT exist this is impossible. The greatest game ever can have a 9.5/10 but Perfection just dont exist

  11. you are probably too young to even play these games, gtfo kid

  12. Gow: ♾️

    Gow 2: 10000/10000

    Gow chains of olympus: ♾️

    Gow 3: ♾️

    New gow: ♾️

    Gowr: ♾️

  13. Fragile OG trilogy GoW fans in these comments shook that someone called out their trash games 😂 brings a tear to my eye

  14. Tricky the clown (Cookies and hotdogs 👌😎) says:

    Here is my opinion rn

    GOW 1: 6.3/10
    GOW COO: 6.7/10
    GOW 2: 7.3/10
    GOW 3: 9.2/10
    GOW GOS: 7.6/10
    GOW Ascension: 3.2/10
    GOW 4: 7/10
    GOW 5: 7.6/10
    GOW Ragnarok: 8.7/10

  15. In my honest opinion, as someone who's played all the original Greek games

    God of War ascension: 3/10
    God of War COO: 4/10
    God of War 1: 5/10
    God of War GOS: 7/10
    God of War 2: 8/10
    God of War 3: 9/10

    A bunch of people are gonna disagree with me in the comments but, honestly most of the praise for the earlier games is nostalgia bias. They were good for a time, but modern games don't have fixed cameras anymore and technology has improved. I think the best way to judge games is to judge them for how they hold up now and not the impact they had for the time. As someone who's played all of them for the first time, they're okay. Not amazing, not bad, just okay. Well, with the exception of god of war 3. That game was amazing
    I'm looking forward to playing the newer god of war games soon though

  16. I like all of em except ghost of sparta i dont why there is something i dont like

  17. My ratings:

    Gow1: 8/10

    Gow2: 1000/10

    Gow3: 9/10

    Gow ascension:7/10

    Gow chains: 7/10

    Gow ragnarok: 9.5/10

  18. Man’s giving this the sonic the hedgehog treatment💀

  19. People before fell asleep thinking about their love or the next day.
    I just thinking about the REMAKES of GoW 1,2 and 3

  20. You can I call God of war 10 out of 10 when God of war Ragnarok is a sequel to God of war

  21. This is the person who played 2018 God Of War first and then found its a whole series since ps2😂😂😂😂

  22. Everything god of war is goated in my opinion, but 2018 combat is better than Ragnarok because in 2018 they embraced the slower and calculated combat that in my opinion works better

  23. You fucking joking me? The first 2 GOW are classics

  24. I've never felt the need to hold my curse, tf is this ratings

  25. I bet you this guy never touched a god of war game in his life💀

  26. This is absolute trash. Whoever ranked this played GOW 2018 first because they were 12 years old and stupid

  27. God Of War? More like Dad Of Son these days, fucking 40 hour babysitting simulator

  28. God of war norse games are worst in god of war history

  29. K the numbers are wrong for some of them.
    GOW 1: 7/10
    GOW COO: 6/10
    GOW 2: 8/10
    GOW 3: 9/10
    GOW GOS: 8/10
    GOW Ascension: 2/10
    GOW 18: 9/10
    GOW Ragnarok: 9/10

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