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God of War games ranked. (My opinion)

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  1. my first game was god of war 2, i played when i was 8 and my parents were watching me, they saw the nude part at the bath house or wherever, they didnt care they just teased me about it a little. and i always got past the colossus part but when i rode the pegasis the game would always freeze or go on forever i never progressed passed that part until i played it again a few years ago. so many memories

  2. i really don't like ascension, don't know why, it's just not for me

  3. Ascensión no es uno de los mejores 🤔🤔

  4. God Of War is pretty much like the only series where we never got a bad game.
    The games maybe bad compared to GOW standards but in itself not one GOW game was bad and it only got better and better

  5. It’s not really a ranking if it’s the same clips the whole time

  6. Ascension is the worst game by far in story and gameplay

  7. When you're in a dick riding competition and your opponent is a God of War fan

  8. Ngl i dont like ascension but every other one is fye 🔥

  9. Gow 3 is alright? İt s even better than ragnarok bruv whadya talkin bout

  10. ascension is the worst one i'd rather play betrayal honestly

  11. All 8 games are amazing and some were on the psp. If there was a game on the psp in a series it was automatically the worst but gow ghost of sparta proved that wrong

  12. God 2018: It's alright (In my opinion)

  13. 8 out of 9 good score that's akin to an A-.

  14. i just started playing ascension and i love it

  15. I used to love Ascension until I played it again years later. A lot of terrible camera angles that just make some parts harder than it needs to be.

  16. Bro what.. i didnt even know more god if wars existed other than god of war I god of war II gow III acsesion and the new gows

  17. Well they can’t ALL be goat, can they?

  18. ghost of sparta>acension, chains of olympus, my opinion

  19. It caught me off gaurd that he liked assension

  20. I know noone asked but heres my opinion:

    Ascension: GOAT
    CoO: Insert WOOO screaming meme
    1: GOAT
    2: Perfect
    GoS: Perfect
    3: Far beyond perfect
    4: GOAT
    5: Far beyond perfect

  21. He thinks gow ascension is good?
    Someone knock some sense into him

  22. Finaly accurate god of war ranked short. All of them are good!

  23. Average Ascension hater VS Average Ascension enjoyer

  24. God of war 3 is my favorite

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