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God of War games ranked. (My opinion)

Daddy Chill…..
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  1. Legend say that he's still saying thats why hes the goat the goat!!

  2. There isn't a single God of War that's slightly below amazing

  3. Chains of olympus its the biggest peace of dog sheat

  4. Cant lie, ascension was goated, but my fav are gow 1 gow 3 and gow 4

  5. But he isn't even the god of war 🤨 hmmmm


  7. Chains of Olympus over 2018, 2, and 3? 💀

  8. Ascension is the worst game and betrayal is 🗑️

  9. God of war consistently being good.

    Meanwhile on Sonic's end…

  10. Im new to god of war and are these all the games of their franchise and are they chronologically in order?

  11. ascension is the worst god of war game XD i mean least good

  12. The entire franchise deserves “THATS WHY HES THE GOAT… THE GOAT”

  13. This is the first one I’ve seen without any negative reviews or ranks

  14. Imagine actually putting Ascension below Chains of Olympus.

  15. Only one that I’d put lower is ascension but w otherwise

  16. thanks for the Ascension love. That game gets lots of shit for no reason

  17. I used to play a god of war game when I had a psp

  18. God of War – Gameplay hasn’t aged well but still quite fun with an amazing story

    God of War II – The best of the original trilogy IMO, amazing story, nonstop action and The Sisters of Fate boss fight is the best of the OG trilogy

    God of War III – Weakest in terms of writing of the OG trilogy (though still amazing) however makes up for it with the best gameplay

    Chains of Olympus – Haven’t finished it but so far it’s pretty solid but not as good as the others

    Ghost of Sparta – Haven’t played

    Ascension – Haven’t played

    God of War 2018 – One of the best games I’ve ever played, amazing story and characters and great gameplay

    God of War: Ragnarok – Amazing game although I feel that 2018 was just better in almost every aspect

  19. There's genuinely not a bad game in this series.

  20. Oh wow a person that likes ascension??? Well I’ll be dammed 😳

  21. the god of war ragnarok si the biggest shit of dog shit

  22. Cants say I have heard of any bad GOW games at all. Consistency ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking right at it.

  23. Ragnarok goes so fucking hard. The fact they so easily outdid GoW 2018 is fucking mind blowing.

  24. I love how the last one is charlie pogging at his dog, since the entire game Fenrir does nothing but be a good boi. Also you get really pissed off every time you head home and can't interact with the wolves that it's almost all you every think Abt lmao

  25. ascension has been absolute dog piss for me i just keep getting jumped by 8 guys all at once and as soon as 1 of them attacks i am forced to either take hits from every single person near me or to play sleeping simulator and block for the next 20 minutes from never ending attacks that are unparryable since i blocked the first attack the game is amazing tho the story is pretty cool so far i got confused for a bit but now i think i understand, but the combat has just been absolutely horrendous everytime im forced to fight i just wanna close the game im playing on hard mode tho not even the hardest mode since im forced to beat the game to play it on its hardest difficulty for some reason im not replaying ascension its dog piss combat is the only thing that makes me dislike the game

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