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God Of War: Ragnarok 4K Official Trailer

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Check out the God of War: Ragnarok Official 4K Trailer unveiled during the Playstation Showcase 2021!

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  1. The studio actually made the worst monster in Norse a black girl? They have no respect for northern European culture and want to tick box it.

  2. This Game Won't Get The Same Credit As The Last One, Because It Has No New Elements, Same Weapons And Places

    And There's A Black Teenage Girl With Whom Atreus Might Get Attached To🤓

  3. Start Act like a General . Welp boy u don’t want that . Kratos yes coming from Greece but Sparta is not like Athens. In Sparta if a General say do this u don’t say otherwise u just do it . Careful what u wish for. Oh and Rip Norse gods .

    How the futch did I miss this?! 🤯

  5. I wonder if we'll actually get to asgard and valhalla in this game to fight Odin or if they'll make the series a trilogy

  6. Hope we gets to go to the realms we didn't get to on the first one

  7. The same game except they randomly added a black girl because "reasons".

  8. When a "god of war" Says to you "war" Isn't the only way, do not question it .

  9. Looking back from the beginning of this game it improved so much that when it comes to an end you will really miss it. I hope they will make 10more sequels for this GOW game.

  10. I remember tears rolling from my eyes when my finish GOW4.

  11. My wife said, "you should buy a small studio room for this not my house….if you wanna play…"

  12. i noticed that there are two shields with different shape maybe you will be able to pick a shape for a new shield made by brok or sindri

  13. You'll notice that the way the phrase it, it hides the Loki reveal in case you didn't know or play the last game. The way Atreus phrases it, makes it sound like Loki is a different character and not … Well, you know.

  14. I'm so under the loop, I only found out about this now 10 months later!! xD
    So many games these days, hard to stay up to date

  15. They should make a part where kratos goes rescue his brother

  16. "start thinking like a general ",
    kratos : Ok

    cause of ragnarok

  17. … and there's the token black girl in a game about norse mythology. Sigh ..

    Make a game with Egyptian / African / Indian / Mayan mythology and cast as many black people as you want right? Like seriously, why ruin it?

  18. One thing you'll never hear from kratos is, "I am not strong enough".

  19. They are doing an excellent job marketing this game.

    And do you know what will be a better marketing than this?

    Making the game full of glitches, making it unplayable, and then releasing a video of

    some European guy (from management) apologizing.

    OH, everyone will post videos, tweets about the game (even you, even people who

    already dead, even people who has not born yet will post a video about the


  20. War is not the answer.


  21. When are they going to show Loki?

  22. At the end; BAM, diversity hire! Because we all know Norse Mythology was full of non-white people!

  23. I think the scariest part is knowing Kratos might die in this game…

  24. "Stop thinking like a Father and start thinking like a General!"

    Kratos: No! world war 2 flash backs

  25. "in moments of crisis, panic does nothing, harness it, let it serve you" that quote is actually so powerful

  26. "In Moments of Crisis, Panic Does Nothing, Harness It. Let it Serve You." 2:24 Such a Powerful Scene. Feels like Cory Barlog is telling us not to Panic/Fear Covid19 Crisis. Can't Wait to experience this Masterpiece.

  27. I can't wait for the pc release in 5 years!

  28. The clip at the end is the devs telling us to wait for the game to come out so that our questions get answered then, well some of them anyway

  29. we just going to ignore the foreshadowing of Loki carrying the deer and the antlers being over his head resembling his helmet from Norse Mythology.. thats so good 🔥🔥

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