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God Of War: Ragnarok 4K Official Trailer

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Check out the God of War: Ragnarok Official 4K Trailer unveiled during the Playstation Showcase 2021!

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  1. First was Greek, second was Aesir, now Norse

  2. Pra mim depois do 3 o kratos ficou manso por causa desse muleke, acabaram com a era GOD OF WAR……..

  3. This game is from another universe🔥

  4. Loki forgot that his father was a spartan, a general, a warrior and inherited the God of War title after killing Ares.

  5. Thor: "Are you a calm and reasonable person?"
    Kratos: "ask Jim ryan,he is that Mxxfxxker whose put our on PC"

  6. Дмитрий Дзержинский says:

    В миг опастности,паника бесполезна,обуздай ее и используй!

  7. Need more content and previews I cant keep watching this trailer everyday…

  8. Размяк Бог Войны, ой как размяк, раньше он был невероятно крут и жесток, а сейчас старый пердун, наделенный силой Бога Войны. Помню как он с каждым богом невероятно жестоко расправлялся.

  9. Can't wait to play it on my PS4 Pro. Since owning it I feel I am a GOD.

  10. This is how you make kraits white lol

  11. Is this not the game that’s out now on PS plus for free?

  12. I don't remember Kratos's voice sounding like that… sounds different.

  13. boom ! Kratos`s Adventure is BACK in action !!! 🔥

  14. Карабас Барабасович says:


  15. No this isnt the old trailer this one is in 4K smfh

  16. Maybe Thor its the right god to kills kratos … or if Kratos ends it too , will bee a next God of War game in which Odyn will speak 🙂 . But in my opinion here its the last for Kratos with Thor 🙂 because its RAGNAROK , its END FOR ALL

  17. BGM Soundtrack is best 👍❤️👍

  18. This game's official release date isn't ever being announced.

  19. i hope they make thor like how he should be kratos should not be able to do anything to mujinr and they should show how strong thor is with that hammer because most people think of the thor from marvel but the actul thor is super powerful but in the ragnorok thor dies after killing a giant snake

  20. Looks more like an adventure game than proper GoW. Give me back my Kratos 😭

  21. 11-09-2022 or 9th of November 2022 for my European mates

  22. Love atreus coming in out the storm and his outline in the snow looks like he's wearing the horns of the deer.

  23. I hope they dont make kratos weaker or make him softer i love his angry personality and hope he remains a mean aggressive soldier

  24. Kind of disappointed wanted to see the old rage full kratos

  25. Supremegod Master of Omegachaosprime hyperInfinit says:

    Here after watching the brand new trailer

  26. Literally looks like a DLC expansion for the first game… not impressed video games are a waste of time

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