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God Of War: Ragnarok 4K Official Trailer

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Check out the God of War: Ragnarok Official 4K Trailer unveiled during the Playstation Showcase 2021!

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  1. Atreus:stop thinking like a father and start acting like a general
    God of war 4
    Kratos:BOY BOY BOY BOY
    atreus:regrets it

  2. Trailer editor: "So, how perfectly timed do you want this trailer to be with the music?"
    Santa Monica studios: "Yes."

  3. Playstation sony I have one request if this trailer can be played at the end of uncharted movie I threater I will be really greatfull.

  4. Is no one talking about how they did nothing despite saying it was 4K in the title

  5. his beard is black ? O.o i mean on game it was half gray bcs of his age .

  6. А а вон папа греет

  7. In god of war ragnarok I wanna see more story and really good gameplay 😃😃

  8. The thing that atreus is holding in the start may be the 'ring of andvari'

  9. How much longer ? I need this game in my life take my money 😀

  10. Watching this after six months is getting me hyped again

  11. This game is gonna be epic!!, personally I can’t wait!!

  12. Thor : "I fear no man but that thing"
    Thor : "it Scares me"

  13. This is gonna be EPIC!!! ( god of war is one of the best games that has ever been made.)

  14. GOW just keeps getting better and better. So sick cause i was late to this

  15. They put a black girl in the game. I’m not racist but there wasn’t one before I guess there trying to add diversity.

  16. I am very excited for this game to come out.

  17. Question why villages with people walking around not included??I mean the gods are being gods to themselves?

  18. That girl smiling in the end has no idea what her future is going to be

  19. Has Jacksepticeye seen this yet?

    I need him to see this!

  20. I feel like the God of War series turned to the Lord of Ring. miss the original God of War, like 1,2 & 3. after 3 it became cheesy

  21. Freyja found a way to break or overpass her curse which didn't let her harm any living being

  22. Still haven't seen how deep Kratos's evil goes

  23. War is the worst event humans can ever bring upon themselves, if Kratos is the god of the kind of evil geeez

  24. Wish they would make God of war playable on xbox

  25. The shaky cam makes me nauseous. The first game shook too much and this seems much worse.

  26. Don't know when the game will release enough of waiting

  27. They took Cory out and made him a producer. Took him away from his baby. He's really up set at Sony Santa Monica.

  28. Is the ragnarok going to release on steam as well?

  29. I was going to say I’ve lost all excitement after this endless waiting. I just needed to watch this video. I need to practice being patient anyway.

  30. 2022 anybody? Can't get better than this.

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