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God Of War: Ragnarok 4K Official Trailer

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Check out the God of War: Ragnarok Official 4K Trailer unveiled during the Playstation Showcase 2021!

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  1. NOBODY NOTICE AT THE END…..angrboda..thats lokis wife

  2. So at 2:28 that guy is also seen at 2:26 new ally???

    Edit: he’s also in front of Kratos and fighting other guys and we all know to not turn your back on Kratos so they have to ally’s

  3. Two comments from my side:
    1. I see Atreus is still a pain in the ass *rolls eyes
    2. I saw at least 10 different ways in which the new foes will whoop my behind in battle, and I'm soooo prepared for it!
    *screams in geek

  4. Why are people mad about Thor being fat? I think he looks fucking sick

  5. Seems we're getting into some Greek stuff, since we see a centaur in the trailer, which is a Greek creature

  6. I’m not one for getting pissed at the whole identity politics in games but seriously
    Stop putting black characters in things where they shouldn’t
    It’s not inclusive
    It’s pandering
    Norse gods are made in the image of the people who thought them up, the vikings.
    It would do more for black lives if they made another god of x game set in around African pantheon rather than shoehorning in black people for white people’s gods. It’s transparent and manipulative.

  7. So in the first game Mimir talks about how Odin cursed Freya and rid her of her warrior spirit, such that she could not fight even to defend herself, yet here she is attacking Kratos. Theorize.

  8. Best game series ever made I hope they make 10 more

  9. I pray to god that the Ragnarok actually does what it said was gonna happen in the first game. Odin being killed by giants, the world serpent being sent back in time and a battle between Thor and Kratos. All of that would be not only beautiful cinematics but also incredibly fun missions

  10. I wonder why Freya didn’t become a Valkyrie again after killing Bhadir at the end of the first game even tho her wings are clearly spotted in her cabin once you walk in

  11. Just waiting for the Jacksepticeye playthrough

  12. Damn in moments like these I wish I had a PlayStation

  13. I wonder if that’s sköll and hati pulling their sled?

  14. Imma be real with you chief, the Norse gods don't stand a chance.

  15. Yea no doubt I'ma gonnna buy this game straight away

  16. I wonder if we are going to see Surtur in all his glory. Having Thor and Odin team up against Kratos for a giant sword to smash down.

  17. Thor: You seem like a calm and reasonable person… Are you a calm and re-

    Disembodied Athena and Gaia: Let the rage of the gods/the titans drive/fuel your blades Kratos!

  18. Man, Thor sounds so passive agressive, like a total psico. I can't wait!

  19. 3:05 And that Comicssgate /Gamergate fury starts in 3…2…

    I'd honestly be amazed if it didn't.

  20. It seems lazy on paper to just take previous map and make it ice- but its a great way to keep things fresh, they did the same thing with Spider-Man

  21. Thor's only purpose in life is to keep my new hammer warm for me.

  22. Wow, it's Awesome to see Tyr, the son of Odin. I sense that this will be a really great game, hopefully eventually battling Odin at the end of Ragnarok, seeing that its supposed to begin with the death of Odin

  23. Why does Kratos Blade of Chaos look like shit again? Shouldn't they be looking brand new all powered up?

  24. Man I come back here every day just to watch the trailer. I've started replaying the whole Greek saga in chronological order. So hyped

  25. GoW4's combat was some of the most satisfying gameplay to date. The way you nearly felt the impact of the axe coming back into your hand, the thud of each hit, it was beautiful. looking at this trailer, that's the part that gets me in the feels again. When he gut punches that deer-centaur, and when he chain slams that dude… Man, I'm am READY to be doing this again.

  26. Since Freya is back, I wouldn't be surprised if she takes the form of that girl and seduces the now teenage Atreus as part of her revenge against Kratos.

  27. God of War 4: Kratos going from general to father through progression of the story
    Atreus in God of War Ragnarok: Stop thinking like a father for a moment and start thinking like a general!
    Literally went through so much development in God of War 4 to make him more of a father and Atreus wants to back track to the old Kratos. Horrible idea.

  28. I love how it seems like they brought back some of his old moves from his pantheon killing era

  29. Noticed that there staying in the cave that atrause killed thor's son and took the black breath

  30. To one god of war to another: “Are you coming with us?”
    That is going to be fun.



  33. Is Baldur related to Isildur from The Lord Of The Rings? Asking for a friend…

  34. sad he might die cause there newest one shows the wall painting shows him dead infront of his son

  35. he has grown old and wiser…which is the exact opposite of what he needs right now

  36. Every cell of my body is ready, just my bank account isn't ready to buy a PS5 just for this.

  37. Went and pulled the girl from polar express

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