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GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 4K Ultra HD

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GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 4K Ultra HD

Special thanks to Sony for the free and early copy of God of War Ragnarok!

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Ragnarok is here! Thank you for your patience on the full movie, when they’re this long they take incredibly long to process. But it is at 2K now and should be 4K sometime soon. We have had an incredible experience with this game; it’s a must play for any gamer. The story is good as always, but it’s the character development and the character interactions that steal the show. Kratos’ growth as a father; Atreus coming into his own as a young man; Freya seeking redemption and coming to terms with her previous life. There’s so much here, it’s impossible not to get sucked in. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. As always, we include gameplay and all relevant dialogue in our “game movie” edits, to get the full breadth of the story. We condense the gameplay down so it doesn’t drag on, but there’s definitely a significant amount here. We also did most of the major side missions and included them here, as they real drive the character development.

If you prefer to watchin smaller bites, we also did the game movie in 5 parts. You can see the playlist here!


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  1. You cut off Brok an unacceptable number of times. He didn't get to say the thing about nature and form.

  2. For a minute I thought Kratos was gonna kill the Fate Sisters…Again

  3. That ho barefoot in the snow. Now, that's strength

  4. GARM?! Great Bleeding FUCK, lad, you freed GARM?!

  5. I played the game but got bored about 3/4 through so need to watch the story online but when I google how many hours of cutscenes it say 4.5 hours and this is 15 hours long, why is that?

  6. I love this game so much and for so many reason but WHY DOES ATREUS MAKE ME SO MAD

  7. just leaving this comment to let ya know your efforts of cutting between dialogues are appreciated .

  8. I love how Mimir is subtly Scottish and he thusly references Macbeth.

  9. Fights usually get on my nerve so thanks you for this version.
    Kratos and Atreus relationship is really interesting.

  10. I still dont get why Odin is bad guy, he just wanted the mask so he could learn truth. In my opinion Kratos is bad guy, he killed entire Greek Pantheon for vengeance and now helped Freya and others get their vengeance against Norse goods for no good reason. Whats next, killing all Egyptian goods…

  11. 15 hours of custcenes and walking cinematic segments…The gaming industry really hit a new low

  12. Sindri is a idiot here. Sure Atreus is a fuck nugget like he was in the first game but Sindri loseing his Brother again also NOT KNOWING that Tyr was Odin but still blameing Atreus for it totally stupid. Next Game probably gets called God of War – Revenge of Sindri

  13. odin sounds like some sleezy mobster underling haha

  14. This game is the only reason I would buy a PS5. Thanks for uploading so I don't have to.

  15. damn this game is so good, I’ve battled anger issues and depression all my life and I never really had a father figure to guide me. But this game has helped me so much from 2018 to now. It’s crazy how games can resonate with some people and almost flip a switch in them to start an awakening. Amazing game

  16. 3:13:25 This scene reminded me that I got a god of war Ragnarok cookbook. Me and my mother made dinner from Its recipes it was actually really good

  17. What hurts the most is how Sindri was never able to forgive Kratos and Atreus and ended up isolating himself more, but we know if it wasn’t for brok kicking the mask out of Odin’s reach they would’ve never won

  18. Sindri's part was so sad. Looks like maybe he'll be chasing after Atreus in the next game for vengeance too, but that would be kind of predictable now, is it?

  19. This is a masterpiece. A triumph of storytelling.

  20. So Atreus nearly caused the collapse of all 9 realms multiple times all because he wanted to "find his destiny" the worst character in video game history

  21. This being 15 hours leaves no excuse for studios not being able to make feature length films

  22. "To grieve deeply means to have loved completely. Open your heart to the world as you did for me and you will find every reason to keep living in it"

  23. MFs really said lets take that stupidly violent game from PS2, and make a new one thats all about family trauma

  24. this was a ride, I do hope we see him again

  25. Christopher Judge does an amazing job of playing Kratos but all I hear is Teal'c lol

  26. When he got to Asgard and saw the wall, i almost expected to see the traveler hanging out in the sky.

  27. The GREATEST GAME STORY I have EVER! E V E R! seen. NOTHING AT ALL, I have played comes ANYWHERE CLOSE to GOW Ragnarok. This is an OBJECTIVE FACT!

  28. I hope we get to see more of new characters like Thrud if there's another God of War.

  29. Spoiler!

    When you think about how tyr is secretly Odin, all the damn hints become so obvious. Like how he becomes scared and surprised at groa lying, calling a spear a walking stick and his random disappearances in fights and how he's always in a closet. Superb writing to actually make a plot twist obvious and believable. Honestly the greatest story for a game, too bad I won't play it ever. Not a game I'd play.

  30. I love that they kept the old zones but managed to make it look fresh. I kept thinking "Hey I recognize this area!" just about every step of the way.

  31. I wish we got to see Thor more; they took him out way too soon.

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