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God Of War: Ragnarok™ DLC Expansion

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God Of War Ragnarok DLC Expansion features a brand new story add-on where we play as Atreus and most likely one last time as Kratos before the story takes a twist into a new timeline and protagonist with Atreus taking the lead of future God Of War games. Now it seems like Santa Monica Studios have given us an Update that their upcoming expansion in the hiring list have stated that it will be a smaller expansion for god of war ragnarok game which will be similar to spider-man miles morales, with just 7-8 hours of play time, similar to Sony’s previous small expansions Uncharted Lost Legacy. Now God Of War Ragnarok expansion will take things further and setup the phase for the mainline title rumored to be set in Egypt.


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  1. Ngl I would be interested in playing as Atreus if he doesn’t get the axe and the blades of chaos. Let’s be honest we don’t play God of war for Atreus

  2. Atreus as protagonist? – No boi,
    Kratos is irreplaceable

  3. The game wouldn't even be God of War if they're gonna switch main charectors to Atreus. The Jotnar called him Loki..and Loki is the Norse God of mischief not war. If that's the direction they're gonna go then they should probably think about a whole different "God of" series. Calling it God of War and havin the God of mischief as the mainline playable character is just dumb 😂

  4. I think it depends hopefully they don't just throw something together for a cash grab and actually try to give use a quality experience because the Nores saga is pretty good as is.

  5. No being funny but fuck artreus he's annoying as fuck

  6. After naughty dogs brutally killed Joel in TLOU2, I feel like none of our beloved characters are safe anymore.

  7. I think it is 50,50 it could go either way I would like a new expansion on the game and new game I'm thank you for the video that's the first time I subscribe to your channel awesome job have a good day and night

  8. If I'm obligated to play with a diferent character for hours again I'll pay assassin's to come for you 😊

  9. Lol for those complaining about atreus, just know Kratos will most likely be the support character for the next game. The storyline isnt just kratos's anymore and the way ragnarok ended im willing to bet atreus will eventually be the stand alone character.

  10. I doubt that Atreus will be the next main character as most people really hated playing as him in fact Atreus is the reason God of war Ragnarok lost the game of the year award.
    Plus playing as Atreus is Boring
    And besides they are definitely doing Egyptian mythology next and we most definitely will be playing as Kratos

    I don’t think people realize just how boring and unfun it is to play as Atreus the whole Ranged bow thing is so boring, maybe if they gave Atreus a sword and the strength of Kratos he would be fun to play as otherwise he sucks he legitly made god of wars Ragnarok rating drop that was the only negative thing about the game playing as Atreus he’s so fucking boring and weak plus I hate his voice lol

  11. What is a God of War game without the OG Kratos like seriously.

  12. God of War without Kratos is even worse than TLOU without Joel. Who wants to play this, really???

  13. Take a shot every time you hear the word expansion..

  14. Utuber cookingkratos said dlc was coming a year ago.

    They called him a madman

  15. before the main line god of war games do not include kratos we need an ending for him. we want to see him being worshiped by the time credits role they didnt show that last bit for no reason. i am fine if his kid get expansion's tell then. to be honest i want a Freya dlc i want to play with her Valkyrie ability's and her swords

  16. This will be a good dlc

  17. Why he can’t just get his own game he already left his father in the ending to do his own thing

  18. Wait they’re just hiring now?
    And you’re saying “small expansion “ 10 hours is not a small expansion

  19. Killing Kratos in a dlc after him being one of the faces of PlayStation itself, and the face of the GoW Franchise for the last 18 years… Would be the equivalent of killing Iron Man in a Disney plus show.😒

    They better NOT kill him, or There will be alot of VERY upset people.💯

  20. I like the idea of a DLC surrounding Atreus, but I'd be pretty let down if they stop using Kratos as the main protagonist of the GoW games. I genuinely believe that they plan to build up to including the the gods of war from the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and Japanese pantheons, which is why I don't think they'll be getting rid of Kratos unless Atreus takes over the mantle of Greek god of war.

  21. $50 for a DLC ? Come on fam a full game is $75. Make it make sense

  22. Atreus will die and throw Kratos into his former God killer rage. It will be dumb asf to kill off Kratos for his son. Pretty sure Joel was a lesson learned

  23. Imagine play as týr in some part of the story like týr take atreus to greek to learn more about kratos it about to be on fire if it true.
    Story idea : after atreus learning about kratos past and see the new gods rebuild greek atreus is happy it remind him how kratos the new god rebuild the Norse realm.
    That make atreus miss his father he ask týr can he meet his father before going to Egypt which týr agreed. But they don't see kratos in the mid guard atreus ask freya where kratos is. Freya tell atreus that kratos is in japan mythology exploring with mimir.
    Týr and atreus decided to go to Egypt without kratos. But atreus and týr get captured because they're considered as outsider and týr the god of war doesn't want any war with Egypt gods. So they let atreus go. And which is the next game our goal is to recuse týr.

  24. I'm grateful DLC is coming. Honestly it's just so unexpected from God of War it feels like a whole new game is coming …

  25. I do like these expansion games more than DLC.

    Takes me back to the PS2 days when you had Jak & Daxter, Jak 2 and squeezed between them was Daxters stand alone psp game

  26. The atreus parts were stupid af honestly

  27. Whatever happens i hope that at least part of this includes saving Broks soul and making things right with Sindri

  28. Tbh I just hated atreus missions and couldn't wait to play as Kratos

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  30. kratos need to continue the main guy not he son come!!🤔

  31. If they put some effort on story and game play it might good

  32. Why are you nonchalantly saying atreus is gonna be the next main character? If the next whole game is atreus-based, theyre gonna bomb. At least half the fanbase hated atreus gameplay, and i bet the other half still wanted to play as kratos at some point.

  33. It can go for a 14.99 😭 ps5 games are already 75

  34. Yeah, definitely not gonna happen. Kratos will always be the main character of the series

  35. What I would like to see is two story dlcs, Ragnarok aftermath where we see what Kratos and the others have been up to sometime after or few years later after Ragnarok, the effects of Fimbulwinter have finally worn down and everything is slowly going back to the way it was before the snow began to fall, the eight realms are now hopefully cooperating with Odin gone, Kratos taking on the role as the god of peace and everyone worshipping him, all leading up to Kratos leaving the Norse world and traveling to Egypt with hopefully someone to be his partner to join him such as týr, mimir or possibly an older Atreus making a return. The second one obviously being Atreus now a few years older and more experienced shows us what he has been up to after parting ways with his father and traveling to where possible giants have been relocated. I am hoping both Father and Son will reunite in the future. I am pretty excited to see what’ll come next.

  36. But this means the elc will probably be released in quite a while. I kinda thought they already started it reading this title

  37. Do you think Kratos will be killed in this Expansion ?

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