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God Of War Ragnarok Is Canceled

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  1. Kratos did worse things to men, but NO. They'll only focus on what he did to the female eithout mentioning the big help he did for Aphrodite

  2. if dumbass had a face, these guys would be it

  3. Wait when they know how he killed furies, sisters of fate and other sexual parts😂

  4. First off she was a hooker, and second off this happened before y'alls kids was born. And 3rd, if I'm coming home after my shift do you think I wanna crack open a beer and hear some warm fuzzy inclusive and accepting messaging? Hell no, I can't even play spiderman 2 without saving a random guy and it's a zest fest, stop selling and pushing your messaging on to people that frankly don't give a fuck.

  5. Kratos would laugh at being "canceled"

  6. Did he just call kratos ashy😂😂😂😂

  7. Y'all do know the reason why cradles his wife and daughter were at that house when he attacked the village right it's because she was sleeping with Aries

  8. “Ur being cancelled”

    What did u say to me BOY

  9. Kratos kills millions of men:👍
    Kratos kills one woman:😬😨🤯😱🥺😢💀

  10. why are we canceling everthing that does not need to canceled who agrees

  11. Wow. Just, wow!

    Wait till they find out Kratos is brown.

  12. Kratos: Cancel culture can have me when it earns me

  13. Kratos has been canceled… Good luck with that

  14. "Kratos hates women" literally had a wife and kid

  15. this channel will be cancelled before kratos will ever be

  16. This is the cringiest gaming channel I have ever come across on the internet 💀

  17. Wait until they learn about Doom, Joel, Dante, & Vergil

  18. Um .. The game started because he was tricked by Aries into killing a woman his wife and his daughter so yeah..

  19. So people didnt know the God of War series was longer then 2 video games… figures

  20. Kratos got cancel culture by the balls 💀😭

  21. I love how these people hear like 3 guys complaining about something and inmediatly go to youtube to say "GEN Z IS CANCELLING THIS!!!!!"

  22. What about when he remarried she allegedly died by a disease and in gow 6 he was sadly holding the bag that held her ashes btw nothing can get kratos canceled

  23. Lol in modern terms, kratos is being canceled by the gods of olympus for being too toxic. And sleeping with many women.

  24. hatred towards wom-

    Brah wth are these goofy news

    Bro's a fucking Spartan from God knows what century 💀💀💀💀

  25. Women protected by cancel culture 😂

  26. No offense bro but youre not a very good story-teller lol

  27. This is legit. The wildest tale ever 😂 like bruh him being cancelled lmao

  28. Kratos doesn’t hate women, he hates gods. If that god is a woman they will be killed, if that god is a man they will be killed

  29. I think everyone for the most part knows that at least the people who played the new ones

  30. These snowflakes on social media and the news are getting too far😡

  31. This is why no one takes video games journalists seriously they are the worst part of modern gaming

  32. Now Kratos is gonna kill the twitter gods look what you did

  33. Nah he doesnt hate women he hates everybody

  34. Kratos is not canceled not even ragnorök I am literally playing it rn

  35. Built by gamers: kratos are getting cancelled

    Kratos: do you think so

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