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God of War Ragnarök – Midgard Mishaps 2 | PS5 & PS4 Games

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The team at Santa Monica Studio poured their hearts and souls into God of War Ragnarök, and along the way, encountered some unforgettable mishaps. For the one-year anniversary, we wanted to share a few of the unexpected moments from development that remind us how complex, challenging, and unintentionally hilarious making a game can be.

A special thank you to the fantastic QA teams at Santa Monica Studio, PlayStation, and our partners around the world whose invaluable work helped keep these mishaps out of the experience we were able to share with fans one year ago!

Edited by Tim Ward, QA Lead – Gameplay at Santa Monica Studio.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

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Rated Mature


  1. 1:19 is the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen….Kratos Smiling

  2. 0:44 Kratos is definitely trapped in sleep paralysis 😂 I feel your pain brother.

  3. Or in EA and Ubisoft language: finished game

  4. This is surprisingly open and transparent of a triple A dev, and i love it! Kudos to Santa Monica for giving us such a transparent and hilarious look into game development

  5. Y asi dicen que fue un DLC jajaj, hacer un juego nuevo no es facil.

  6. I'm glad that this was released. This gives me ptsd with my game dev journey, but also relief that this is what's to be expected.

  7. The classic – I forgot to set those animation keys lol

  8. At 1:19 I don’t know if Kratos was smiling or not but whatever he was doing that was super creepy lol

  9. Ea: I don't see anything wrong with this

  10. Someone send this to TNT gaming the well like it lol

  11. Looks like a normal released bethesda game

  12. If this game was made by Ubisoft, this would be the final product

  13. Heimdal floompin’ across the area almost made me cackle

  14. My favorite clip would have to be Kratos dancing in sindri’s place

  15. they are having WAY too much fun twith this game

  16. А что за саундтрек в начале и конце

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