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God of War: Ragnarok – Official Gameplay Trailer (4K) | PlayStation Showcase 2021

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Get your first look at the gameplay of God of War Ragnarok.

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  1. Kratos looked intimidated when Tyr towered him.

  2. this reveal trailer is kinda……………. lackluster / boring compared to the other reveal trailers in the series.
    this should've been like trailer #3 or maybe 2……. not the first…

  3. Aaaaand here we go with another black characcter in a game that was diverse enough….. Thank you Santa monica for bringing race into something that did not need it.

  4. "Think like a general" 👀💀 boy you better shut the hell up

  5. Its looks like a open world game when the gow games are semi open world

  6. If a 2nd trailer comes out it should be a little bit epic but not so much so the game it self would kill us with joy

  7. Ah yes beautiful "gameplay" trailer from Sony, 2 minutes of cutscenes and over the shoulder walking before showing any combat.

  8. So just more of the first game? bit disappointing

  9. Don't lie how many of you have watched this more than once? thumbs up!

  10. الموضوع صار سخيف عبارة عن فلم كأنما الاجزاء الاولى كانت احلى

  11. How come Corey didn’t direct this game?

  12. We went from a Spartan General to Killing the Gods of Olympus solo to going to a whole different mythos, being a father for a second time annd now beating the hell out of their Gods.

    Kratos is just built different.

  13. Looks like every other world at war since psp

  14. Yay time to use my son as bait again to beat the enemies…also can't wait to play this

  15. Сказ о том как греки в Скандинавии марафет навели.

  16. is Atreus voiced by the same kid?

  17. it's all fun and games until Kratos starts appearing in the MCU.

  18. My guess is Odin will restore Freya's powers at some point for her to fight Kratos. It's hitting two birds at once, that would be very Odin-like thing to do.

  19. Thor: are you a calm and reasonable person
    Zeus:believe me friend he ain't

  20. So I'm assuming Fenrir doesn't exist; Tyr has his left hand.

  21. Thor’s voice doesn’t suit him , IMO. Needs a voice to suit him

  22. best guess how old is the boy now, 15? 16?

  23. Thor: “Are you a calm and reasonable person?”

    Greek gods from Tartarus: “TRUST US, HE’S NOT!”

  24. "This is gonna be a game to remember,fight''.

  25. you know people are losers when they choose to watch PS game trailers on IGN’s channel instead of on PlayStations channel and then proceed to make comments roleplaying Thor talking to Kratos

  26. Haha Atreus about to come to the cookout XD

  27. This is the game, that I've been waiting for. This trailer is hot

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