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God of War: Ragnarok – Teaser Trailer | PS5 Showcase

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There’s a new God of War game landing on PS5 in 2021. Check out a cryptic teaser for God of War: Ragnarok.

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  1. I'm back after a year just to say "OMfG"

    the hype in me hasn't died

  2. I'm here, again after a year, before the Playstation showcase just to Say that i'm not ready for this

  3. Who is here before today's ragnarok trailer release

  4. Fun fact: ragnarok probably will be in 2022

  5. Now an actual trailer is here :') it's been a long road gentlemen

  6. My wallet prepared itself for the purchase

  7. I'm guessing Christmas because of snow.

  8. Who else is here after the PlayStation showcase?
    That was brutal.

  9. Who is also here because they just announced a new trailer for RAGNAROK? HYPE AF

  10. Wow, he sounds like a calm and reasonable person!

  11. After the new trailer, we really do need to prepare ourselves!

  12. Who’s here after watching the trailer for GOWR from PS showcase.

  13. Wonder if Loki will mate with a horse in this 🤔

  14. Who's here after the new Ragnarok trailer?

  15. Students can relate this before their exams.

  16. Stop thinking like a father for a moment and start thinking like a general!

  17. Words of Wisdom from Baba Kratos:
    *In the moments of crisis, panic does nothing.
    Harness it, let it serve you.*
    (underrated quote.)

  18. Much better than the new trailer itself,true hype.

  19. Finally we got the trailer and the best thing is it was epic just like this reveal and worth waiting.

  20. So this was just a teaser for the trailer to come this year, not the release date, got it! xD

  21. If you notice the omega sign is the world serpent, and the runes that come out are the 9 kingdoms.

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