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God of War Wins Game of the Year | The Game Awards 2018

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God of War wins the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards.


  1. If rdr2 release in early 2018, they probably win this one

  2. Vim do futuro avisar que o God Of War Ragnarok vai levar o Game of The Year de 2022.

  3. It will definitely go to god of war Ragnarok this year

  4. I think god of war deserved it but I think overral rdr2 is the better game. It has better animations, better world, more charismatic characters and a better protagonist. God of war is great but it lacks of animations, and combat can get repetitive, I forgot to say that rdr2 also has better details, while god of war has they're not that good, the armors are really bad looking (except for the default one) and the soundtrack in rdr2 is a lot better, might be as good as the witcher 3 or maybe not.

  5. I was busy hearing the orchestra 😍😍😍😍

  6. How !?

  7. HOW does Spiderman have a "Game of the year" edition of the game if the didnt WIN game of the year?? 🤔

  8. I think rdr2 deserved the win, dont get me wrong god of war is amazing aswell, but the enotional impact rdr2 had on me is insane, I was legit depressed for over a week after the ending

  9. I forgot God of War was nominated alongside that garbage AC Odyssey

  10. Rdr2 deserves this😭😭😭😭

  11. After replayin RDR2 and God Of War, RDR2 did deserve the win, the story, the world, the detail, is just outstanding, god of war was also a great change from the previous games, but overall I find my self enjoying RDR2 more.

  12. I love how everyone in the orchestra was just having so much fun


  14. overwatch winning meant so much to them they killed all their other games, then killed overwatch with their nerf-based balancing. lol

  15. Can someone please tell me the name of the OST played by the orchestra for RDR2?

  16. This is the reason why rockstar didn't push the rdr2 online, they lost to gow and they became lazy

  17. Watching this in 22, instant goosebumps for god of war and red dead sound tracks

  18. Well deserved! However, RDR2 is super close and I play it every December because of the joy it brings me. But God of War just has such rich and fascinating lore that I can’t help but get invested in this version of Norse mythology. The story and music are also just top tier and never fail to give me chills every time.

  19. After playing GOW 2018 recently on Pc I think it shouldn't have been a game of the year RDR2 was far superior to GOW.


  21. The God of War song gives me chills everytime I listen to it

  22. Im still mixed on this to this day. I love god of war but i feel like red dead 2 also deserved it

  23. I played god of war 4 like 10 times.
    I playes rdr2 one time and threw it away🤣 that says all

  24. Red Dead Redemption 2 was way better that year.

  25. It's a good game, but not a great game. Definitely not the best game of 2018.

  26. I enjoyed both games, but as being a video game with good gameplay and story with a fun experience, God of War is well deserved. God of War was becoming a dying franchise, so they rebooted the series but still continue the story into a new direction in setting and gameplay that never gets bored. RDR2, on the other hand, has great characters and story with alot of things to do in the open world with its rich environment detail setting. The problem is that it's slow-paced and the game formula is outdated which makes the game sometimes boring. RDR2 story and gameplay is the climax on a Ferris Wheel, but GOW story and gameplay is a rollercoaster.

  27. i would have loved to see MICK GORDON performing his music from DOOM 2016 and KILLER INSTINCTS

  28. This has got to be one of the greatest years for video games ever. God of War, Red Dead 2 AND Spider-Man??? That is just beyond epic

  29. RDR2 should have won honestly. GOW is an impressive game but what rockstar did with rdr2 was something we probably will never see again by any other developer. A true masterpiece with so much immersive content in a sandbox game is unheard of. Truly a shame it didnt win.

  30. I’m just happy to see Monster Hunter being in there. As a long time fan of the franchise that’s a victory in its own.
    No micro transactions, loot boxes, Or pay to win.. just slaying monsters and endless carting haha I love it.

  31. The Game Awards is better than Hollywood and OSCAR. Why? Video game generate more money than movie, sports, NBA, WWE, NASCAR, etc which is incredible. E3 is biggest game trade show. Most indie gamers want to step into billion dollar business. Unity, Unreal, Goldot, and Blender. Photorealistic game and game story is big business.

  32. No other TGA Orchestra gaming compliation has come close to this epicness. Past year's have been great but 2018….was just so Jam Packed with heavy heavy heavy hitters. 2023 Looks like it will be the next big heavy hitting year with gaming titles…looking forward to what TGA comes up with then.

  33. Red dead 2 got totally robbed, wasted award for a game that isn’t half as good

  34. Man, I forgot MonHun World went up against GoW back then. Orchestra was epic

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