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God of War’s Story in 7 Minutes (2018)

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Six games, almost an entire Pantheon of Greek Gods brutally murdered, and lots of screaming. Here is the story of God of War summed up in 7 minutes.

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God of War – Story Trailer

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  1. Gaia is also known to be the Titan of Thiccness.

  2. Kratos: *Died Twice

    Every Minecraft player:


  3. I've never played a single one of these why am I here lol

  4. Plot twist, we didn't figure out how he survived.

  5. Greek gods: killed
    Norse gods: Not yet
    Egyptian gods: Not yet

    I think I'm missing a bunch of cultures

  6. kratos is basically the alter ego of Hercules.

  7. Pretty sure Zuse took Kratos’s power to power the colossus

  8. Anyone notice that Aphrodite is still alive kratos never killed her

  9. Like a soap opera where dead characters keep coming back to life.

  10. I learn not alll gods died he’s not kill Aphrodite he did not kill Hecate there’s a couple gods in Greek he didn’t kill

  11. This is what proves Kratos is weaks character ever … 😏 Sell his SOUL after he was to get a$$ beat …kills his own family then blames Zeus. Play the game tho. 🤔Too see a bust as person can mess a family.🥶😠😑🤔… Oh Aphrodite was his family and sleep with her too SOooo Yeah.😒🤭

  12. Jesus wtf man I couldn’t play this but a lot of people like it so it just be great so that means I will finally get this

  13. How kratos go to odin land?? How he meet and martied yo freya?

  14. Loophole in this games was if kratos can escape the underworld,what's stopping all these gods he killed from returning just like him.

  15. And your saying this is someone’s religion. 😂 no disrespect tho .

  16. Fun fact: Kratos destroyed his life in 9 words…

  17. Someone told this man "go to hell" and he took that literally

  18. Imagine after Norse mythology stroy, Kratos will now go to Egypt mythology lols.

  19. When your exam on ancient greek mythology is due next day, and you find this bad boy of a video

  20. How come kratos gets killed so many times yet the gods died and didn’t come back?

  21. The green grey grieving lumber nationally double because hardboard conservatively improve amidst a macho story. ordinary, taboo push

  22. That was TC Carson voice during the Greek mythology era for you new fans

  23. "And Kratos climbs out of the underworld because that's how it works for some reason"

  24. How did he switch from Greek to Norse mythology? Do they just exist in thee same universe

  25. came to get caught up cause ragnarok looks crazy!

  26. Kratos got a hole in his stomach so many times

  27. My man Kratos is so wise now that its just weird to me.

  28. Came here to understand how did the kid in the new game came to existence and who's the wife… Still don't know 😂

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