Got a little rough with that German soldier 😅 #dday #ddayohio2022#bandofbrothers #savingprivateryan -

Got a little rough with that German soldier 😅 #dday #ddayohio2022#bandofbrothers #savingprivateryan

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  1. I didn’t know they had go pros during DDay

  2. Fake ass video the dude was smiling 😂 and why is it thousands of people just standing there as if there isn’t bullets flying in their direction … I mean when war started to be recorded for YouTube you should’ve known it was fake .. there’s never any actual gunfights

  3. are these actually wars with actual shooting??

  4. You ok you ok the soldade german:😀👍

  5. were those people on the right side of the vid

  6. First of all. I don't remember GoPros in WWII.
    Secondly. Apparently it was a popular spectator sport.

  7. that German just survived the most cruel Canadian soldier

  8. Soldier that he got rough with I should have picked the American team

  9. I don't know why my grandpa is crying

  10. Practicing every day for war…. Even kids are taught from early age for war… had these done on china all media would ho vrazy

  11. NAZIZ defend yourself
    (im Hitler):
    and where the japans?!
    the japans: WE COMING BANZAI

  12. Where is this and why there is people

  13. Yes, I'm a D-day survivor. I stormed the beaches of Omaha Nebraska 2023.

  14. Is that a airsoft gun or a real gun?

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