Gravitas: What happens when China invades Taiwan? Here are the results of war game simulations -

Gravitas: What happens when China invades Taiwan? Here are the results of war game simulations

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China will not be able to win a war against Taiwan, or so claims an American think tank that has conducted 24 war game simulations of a possible conflict. Priyanka Sharma brings you the details.
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  1. It is funny to hear Europeans or Indians seriously worried things that will happen on the other side of continents. Looks like she will burst into tears at any moment. Hey, I don't give a shit whether GOD or Democrats ŵill ŵin US election. Neither I care about the Labor party or Green party win the Germany or Brits election. They are not your business. Despite you all demonize China for decades, China is the No. 2 country on the planets (from No8 elevated to No 2). It is All done under your constant curses, worries, or blames. Yet we do fairly well. The Facts alone prove you all are lying. Perhaps jealous? How could a malicious country doing so well and doing better than all its peers? So well that US has to stop its growth. Wow, a stagnant China fits rest of world needs? Then you realize something wrong about the argument.

  2. What stupid writers. She says, "So, are the Americans trying to flatter themselves?"

    Yes, no kidding, she actually says this. You have to assume a dangerously moronic audience to think you can get away with some so silly.


  4. Come on, lady. Read the history , taiwan is part of China.

  5. I can sense so much jealousy indians has for china 😂

  6. China is crazy making trouble. Like invading our beloved west Philippine sea. Bullying Philippines. I hate china

  7. Your comments is loop sided n incomplete. Actually China is very unlikely to invade Taiwan. It is now crystal clear now US has changed from the role to deter China to attack Taiwan to a role actively in provoking China to attack Taiwan with the intention to economically sanctions China as what they hv done to Russia. So far China does not bite the bait. In all the war game simulation by US, one thing in simulation equation which US will never tell all is IF Russia is involved when US directly war with China n this is also what US most worry about n this is the major reason why US is very unlikely directly involve in the war over Taiwan

  8. Why would China engage in a military war, when it can win an economic war ? On the contrary it is US that needs a military war to win an economic war.

  9. No one will do anything to help Taiwan. That's what will happen.

  10. How can you play a war game to get a result when your the only one making moves

    How do you know what chinas moves gonna be exactly you dont..

    Its one sided makes no sense how a think tank come to that conclusion playing with himself 😂😂

    Happens if all usa ships get to s/c sea and all break down and are sitting ducks then ur game was pointless twat

  11. if china fails surely taiwan will become independent for good .. china will blame Xi jing pi and will go to jail..

  12. USA has done it once and they will do it again. But this the support of every country that uses the dollar and depends on the US to patrols the open waters so they can trade and continue to live at the standard, and improve that they strive for.

  13. Wion is Red Dot Indians siding with Russia.

  14. The American experts are “experts” for a reason. No one has more experience at war than America in modern times. They don’t under rate China ,admitting it will be a rough costly war. They are warning not provoking. Otherwise I think you made an intelligent presentation.

  15. Japan Activate the mecha's and Lazer cannons

  16. If God said that there will be a war that means there's going to be a war and no one can stop it. God is still in control but He still allow the war to happen. There will be Rapture first before His second coming. There will be a 7 years tribulation.

  17. China knows what will happen when they lose their cool and does what the US want them to do.
    I don't think they'll fall for the US ploy like the Russians did. Neither will Taiwan be like Ukraine.
    But as they say, "Putin had no choice."
    That had the US smirking. 😏

  18. if China invades Taiwan….economic blockade will do the damage to China….No ins No outs…

  19. Who said China wants to invade Taiwan. Isn’t Taiwan part of the sovereignty of China and the only invader here is the foreigners…

  20. > The most important is the freedom of navigations where Taiwan and South china sea & West Philippines sea are located… ⭐⭐⭐

  21. War game all missile got no eye to see who are you.
    Taiwan fall into dust if China really want to war.

  22. People in Okinawa always elect pro-China governor in election. Therefore, I — one of Japanese do not want to protect Okinawa against Chinese invasion by life. I suppose Okinawas are stupid and want to be Chinese. However, China invade Kyusyu or Honsyu, we will protect Japan anyway!

  23. China has no intention of invading Taiwan

  24. Keep in mind that we thought that Ukraine had not a chance against the Russians on slot. So far it has been well over a year and the Russians are hanging on by a thread.

  25. usa coundn't defeat talibans with sandals with ak 74 what maks them think they will beat china in a war?

  26. its good… nwo will be in place. No matter what happens.

  27. Japan should be spending 5% of GDP on there defense! The days of the United States protecting everybody else are over they gotta take responsibility for themselves.

  28. China's entire military will be named 'China Self Defense Force' after the battle. Which will be a under the Taiwanese Armed Forces.

  29. I'm not surprised that the same thinktanks before the war possibly could had said Ukraine will fall to Russia in less than a year because it is small and has weak military. The problem with this simulations is they only consider the quantity of each side rather than the quality and capabilities that each side possess. Other than number, strategic intelligence, which country has the real most advance armaments, and actual battle experience are the important things to consider in a war not just how many weapons they have. Media is always giving importance to aircraft carriers, but they never thought that allied countries like the US and Japan have been continuously building lightning carriers which can help increase air craft carrier capabilites even if they were loss at sea.

  30. From a U.S. perspective you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. China wants to literally rule the world. The World cannot allow that to happen.

  31. President of China is Satan Like Putin Satan

  32. America can defeat China in many ways even without war.

  33. bahahhaha murican war games my ass how did their war game play out in afganistan korea and vietnamn like hell imma trust sad patrotical brainwashed school shooter to tell me who is gonna win when they lost all their wars against china

  34. American think tank…crap….they smoke too much shit in the US, the hub of drugs

  35. I don't think this will happen. China and Taiwan are critical to each other's economic success. Why ruin that by invading Taiwan? The West is dependent on Taiwan's chip manufacturing, China is dependent on the markets of Europe and America. Why throw the baby out with the bath water? Of course, the US has military thinktanks, so do a lot of countries, that means they want to be prepared with a response if military aggression is directed at their allies, their economic interests. Either we learn to live without war, or we will destroy ourselves with the horrific weapons we have developed to "defend" our countries.

  36. Can't wait to see worriors doing what they do.

  37. Bully China should be taught a tough lessons. Xi jing pig 🐖 should be thrown out from government

  38. To the rest of the world, please kick out CHINA from UN, Olympic, Word cup, all brands off products, banks, electronics, oil, currency. never accept product from china. other brands already moved to India. like Russia, China is a disgrace. Good job mr.President, the coastguard and phil. navy.

  39. China 🇨🇳 be warned ⚠️ the United States will nuke your world with out regret.
    I'll miss the noodles personally 😪

  40. Wion should become China’s ruling government 😂

  41. Oh Jesus. Her reading is getting on my nervous.


  43. I have war gamed it without american involvement. Washington would NOT fight china for taiwan. Its suicide. Japan would stay out if it. Best thing would be to give taiwan defensive weapons. Japan needs to rebuild its army. It needs to tear up american constition.

  44. Us pacified japan after ww2. Japan is a world power. America wrote their constition. Disarming them for generations. I talked to a jap guy and he said he wants a strong army. Said most japs want strong army that serves the emperor. Ww2 germany and japan were conpletely neutured like a dog. Both countries have deep military traditions. Americans never wanted to be attacked again ir go to war with these countries. It went way to far. Even tbough japan has had peace for the 85 year's and has grown into a super power.

  45. Nuclear exchange needs to be as minimal as possible. Equal strikes which end without getting bigger. That is my dream scernio for ww3. Keeo it conventional and if you use nukes only on military targets. If civillians are targetted it should not be major american or chinse cities but rurual areas. An eye for an eye. However in a nuke exchange it could just keep going… Us had over 5k nukes to chinas 500. America should of invaded ussr and china and won the korean war. Had they used their nuclear advantage to get regime changes…it woukd be a mote peaceful world with ONLY the us has nuclear power in the world. Everone in the project should of been watched…even executed after they left to protect secrets. Truman didnt think anyone else would ever get the bomb.. how wrong he was. If america had followed mcauthor and nuked china and invadex russia.. American troops would be all over the world today in those countries… America is lone super power….nuclear deterance is something truman the joint chiefs did not protect enough. russia china israel north korea india pakistan france UK…possibly iran have nuclear weapons… Its 6 countries too much.

  46. is he stupid to star war? I mean, he will. dose not he know he will die after another 30 years? he properly will be remeber as a dictator, after another 100 years, as democracy will finnally be accepted on this planet.

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