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The topic of a World War 1 or World War 2 Total War has been hotly debated within the community for as long as I can remember. The technological innovations, the dynamic balancing act of resource management and production, the espionage mechanics and the different types of naval, land & even aerial battles would make a Great War Total War something very special in the series.

Well I’m here to tell you that there is a new game on the way that is set to essentially be the World War 1 Total War we’ve always dreamed of. With huge research trees, war weariness mechanics like nation morale and proper Total War like grand scale tactical battles, Great War: The Western Front is a game set to release next year that I think everyone will agree looks like the perfect blend of a Paradox and Total War game set in World War 1.

So in this video I’ll be going through everything we know about this highly anticipated title, including a close look at the latest gameplay reveal released a couple of weeks ago and give you my thoughts on whether this is truly the WW1 Total War we’ve been waiting for.

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  1. Love the concept. Hope that they can expand to eastern and middle eastern front

  2. The axis is my favorite faction in 1914. 🙂

  3. Now lets wait for new historical . I bet it would be another boring classical age

  4. One thing I dont like is that if the game is 1914-1918 and one turn is a month the game will "only" have 42 turns.

  5. Hi Terminator indeed seems like a good game but a great new mod has released for rome 2 called Etruria it completely overhauls the etruscan faction with its own culture and units i hope you could make a review out of it 🙏🤞😉

  6. Looking forward to this! Seems like a decent game!

  7. This game is more like Hearts of Iron 3 X Company of Heroes 2 rather than Total War

  8. Could you review graviteam tactics: mius front plz?

  9. I hate hyping a game up, but this seems really fun.
    Hope it turns out good.
    Deff will be trying it either way tho

  10. allies or 'axis'? whats that? there was a "good side" in this war? it is central powers man. and the "good side" that "won" the war paved the way to ww2 with versailles.

  11. Germany is not in the axis yet😭😭😭 its a central power😂😅

  12. Allies? Axis? Mate, this is WW1, kids learn from videos like this.. other than that good review.

  13. Better not be called the axis and allies…

  14. Finally, i hope that the new competition will wake up CA!

  15. I think we can agree that the Great War mod for Napoleon TW proved that a WW1 TW would be feasible

  16. I don't know man. I really like the idea and the mechanics, whatnot, but the real time part doesn't intrigue me. It looks nothing like TW and I don't really see how it can be compared.

  17. This is the only strategy game I’m looking out for.

  18. Central Powers.
    You can play as the Central powers.
    Germans, Austro Hungarians, Ottomans.
    Axis is a whole other breed of animal. CP winning is a much timeline than Axis WW2.

  19. I hope for mods. Imagine this but with scythe style mechs

  20. The spot where you where laying out the trenches and barbed wire etc the pre mission planing phase made me think a 40k mod

  21. A Total War Napoleon 2 would be more welcome than anything else.

  22. I don’t care if it’s like total war, I just care if it’s good

  23. Just a slight correction the Axis didn’t exist in WW1. I think you mean to say The Central Powers.

  24. So… like 48 turns? Sounds like a short game…

  25. Can I control the FFL units (Franch Foreign Legion)?

  26. Game looks great but I had to stop watching when you said "allies or axis"

  27. The game doesn't look like it needs much to run

  28. If it's at least somewhat accurate it's going to be incredibly boring lol

  29. Entente and Central Powers, but does look like a super decent game

  30. We're getting closer and closer to a total Warhammer 40k y'all, only a matter of time before it happens no doubt in my mind.

  31. Central Powers. Axis was during WWII. Calling Entente "Allies" isn't correct either, but it's a common historiographic mistake

  32. The biggest problem with Total War is well known: unit variety. While total war units may vary greatly in terms of their aesthetics, players often experience situations such as “some archers just better or worse than others, some infantry better or worse, cavalry, etc.” it so far looks like this game has that covered,

    Repetitive gameplay might be an issue just by virtue of WW1 tactical dynamics which generally did not make room for let alone reward specialized operations, favoring instead a notoriously tedious cycle of bombardment followed by massive charges. The tech trees seem to manage that.

    What appeals most to me is the trench/defensive position customization.

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