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The topic of a World War 1 or World War 2 Total War has been hotly debated within the community for as long as I can remember. The technological innovations, the dynamic balancing act of resource management and production, the espionage mechanics and the different types of naval, land & even aerial battles would make a Great War Total War something very special in the series.

Well I’m here to tell you that there is a new game on the way that is set to essentially be the World War 1 Total War we’ve always dreamed of. With huge research trees, war weariness mechanics like nation morale and proper Total War like grand scale tactical battles, Great War: The Western Front is a game set to release next year that I think everyone will agree looks like the perfect blend of a Paradox and Total War game set in World War 1.

So in this video I’ll be going through everything we know about this highly anticipated title, including a close look at the latest gameplay reveal released a couple of weeks ago and give you my thoughts on whether this is truly the WW1 Total War we’ve been waiting for.

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  1. love the HoI IV soundtrack in the background! 😀

  2. Wow, this new game looks great! Have you ever seen "Total conflict"? I reckon you could like it and, if you will, showcase it in the future. It's set on a modern scenario and mixes mechanics from something like Battlefield and Total war in an interesting way.

  3. At first I thought you'd be spotlighting a mod and then I realise you're spotlighting a game I'm really looking forward to and have already wishlisted.

  4. A WW1 title for total war would be very interesting.

  5. you called the central powers axis

    great video btw!

  6. Thanks for the heads up, glad Paradox decided to make this game.

  7. 1 month for every turn? so a game's length will most of the time below 50 turns i assume

  8. Thank God it isn't ca ruining ww1 with heros and magic shit

  9. lets us tryto end the war before christmas this is a game i cant waith to play

  10. ps i think a total war would work set from 1890 to 1918 would be an great idea

  11. Nope, hard pass, sorry! I don't want to hear about NAZOs in my games whatsoever. HOI IV and LEGO Indiana Jones are enough for me.
    I'd watch templars burn from an ingame scripted TW video, though. Anytime. Especially those rocking that famous iron cross as a gorget back then, also. Hence the even famouser saying:
    "Welcome to the Fair."
    Philippe IV de France, 1307

  12. I hope the battles will turn out to be fun, just maybe CA will have to start stepping it up a bit if more competition arises

  13. Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus says:

    Here’s hoping the battle portions aren’t as cut and paste as they look.

  14. I missing gaming I didn't get in a game since the start of World cup hhhh but yea it will be so interesting to have a similar game like the total war mod

  15. Finally a WW1 RTS w/ actual trenches. Hoping it's good 😊

  16. now is the question… what total war game is coming?… since they cant really make a great war game anymore

  17. No Allies vs Axis in WWI bruhhhhhh smh. 😉

  18. It was so nice to watch another video of yours after a long time love your voice bro ! 🙂

  19. easy way to fix tyerrible AI, pick the era with useless generals… its a feature not a bug

  20. Greeat review, I added it to my wishlist. The release date on the developers web site is 2023

  21. Have big expectation for this. I'm a big Total War fan and even though I've tried Paradox titles HOI III and IV I didn't enjoy too much. Too much menu time and complex resource management.
    Also played lots of COH and MOW games because I like to actually be on the battlefield. This game looks promising.

  22. I was whishing a game like hoi4 but set in WWI I'm anxious that coming out the game

  23. You are a liar, you announced this video as if it were another game of the Total War Saga, dont fool people just to come see your videos. Too bad buddy.

  24. Good God, it's about time. So sick of having to suckle from the dusty teet of CA . Total war was heading in the right direction with Empire, then they slowly made this 180 to fantasy with no real battle lines.

  25. C'mon man, that was a terrible clickbait, it's not even total war.

  26. holy shit I can't wait for this to release

  27. For a second i thought this was the next total war. Thank God it’s not lol😅

  28. Also we Canadians don't say New-Found-Land…'s typically pronounced more like Noofundland. Just for future reference 🙂 cheers mate

  29. Actually quite looking forward to this, hopefully they can make the campaign MP in time. Do like the whole trench building aspect, and the battles look excellent. Can easily see most of the budget went into the battles, terrain, destructible terrain and trench building aspect. Do hope this game does well, so they'll do DLC and continue to improve the game, will be good seeing these battlefields, lotsa cool stuff going on.

  30. Bro this looks awesome and i like the setting more than i thought

    I always thought about how could a World war: Total war look like and im not Disappointet 🙂

  31. Im ngl thr graphic engine looks clunky but the mechanics look interesting.

    I still hope CA releases ww1 game some day. FOS shogun 2 dlc is one of my favourite tw games due to artillery and machine gun gameplay.

  32. More and more new TW games look like MOBAs than actual TW games. It is good to have alternatives.

  33. Central Powers not Axis 😊 the Rome-Berlin "Axis" was created in 1936

  34. Now all we need is direct control to get a feel for what it is like to be on the battlefield itself like in Call to Arms.

  35. Not only is it exactly what I want but it’s made by freaking PETROGLYPH. They made the literal highest rated star wars game

  36. just a heads up, napoleon total war doesn't work with the latest intel cpus 🙁 so no great war mod for me, i am incredibly sad about this. This game is definitely on my mind though!

  37. This video is great but idk why you called the central powers the axis, it's not ww2

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