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Halo 4 – Spartan Ops, War Games, and Loadouts Interview

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Frank O’connor talks about the loadout integration between War Games and Spartan Ops.

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  1. except you are slow as hell and better hope it isn't very far because well it runs out fast and when people see a hardlight it is like seeing a armor lock everyone and their mother wants to try and find a way to kill them

  2. they are doing updates to multiplayer every week like they did for halo 3

  3. not for what i want to do me and my friends found forge world perfect for what we liked to do which was a 1v1v1 match where we forged 3 bases far enough away that you can't just shoot them with the dmr but you can still get there no problem with a small flight from the banshee and i checked all maps they are all to small or have something blocking the views to be good enough for a long range based map like mine but i still love halo 4 i just hope they make some bigger maps

  4. But there is a remake of Valhalla from Halo 3

  5. ya we know the game has been out for a week

  6. I was making sure the other guy knew that. There was no need to be an ass about it.

  7. if you wanted to make sure the other guy got it reply to him not me he isn't the one who gets the notifications when you reply to me and he probably will never see that if you don't reply to him i hope that isn't your logic for every convo on youtube or the people you meant for it to go to never got it and they will never know

  8. o really? Nice! thanks for the input man I was seriously concerned for a minute there.

  9. I've played it and it seems very balanced. What do you mean over powered?

  10. On Election Day, I tried to program the booths to vote for Master Chief or Master Chief. Sadly, I don't know enough about programming voting booths or anything.

  11. ha, you can use the flag for assassinations.

  12. They probly took them out cuz they bring back spartans

  13. do all spartan ops have to be downloaded via live or are some pre loaded on disc?

  14. HOLY SH*T!!!

    I just realized something: Master Chief's eyes look EXACTLY like Frank O'Connor's!! The eyebrows and everything!

  15. dude calm down in the first 2 games yes it was called blood gulch but is reach it was called hemorrhage, so it doesn't matter what anyone calls it you still know what I'm talking about and so does many other people who read this

  16. Rrg… When will they add a grifball playlist already.

  17. QUESTION: how do u change the chapter for spartan ops if u want to do it over public matchmaking. any help would be appreciated. Godspeed gentlemen

  18. In halo 4 there are actually a lot less heavy weapons. There might be two sniper rifles and a couple of random drops every minute, it's nothing like Halo 3 where the entire game was about who had which heavy weapons. Also, it only take about three seconds to down a player with a basic rifle if you have good aim, so it's more about getting the drop on them.

  19. 5:12 Did he just say "un-MOLESTABLE"!! NOT EVEEN A WORD

  20. You get to select any chapter *for the current episode* when you enter spartan ops's "find game" option.

  21. i fucking hate halo now you made it to much like call of duty

  22. Black ops copy's mw3 and they are not the same people that made mw3 yea so shut up.

  23. i never mentioned mw3 or blackops so you can shut your fucking mouth

  24. i believe call of duty copy halo on many things ! MANY!

  25. dude Black Ops was made before MW3 so shut up unless your talking about Black Ops 2 than ya they did but they made Black Ops 2 better then MW3

  26. thats not even what he was talking about…. FAIL

  27. Can someone please tell me what spartan ops are and how do I unlock them? Just tell me everything about it please and thank you

  28. Seriously, I got the Black-ops demo, and instead I play PAC-man. Cod is complete shit, way more people like Halo anyway. Only fucking fan-boys, who are like 8 years old play Cod, and some teenagers who can't afford to buy another game. No offense though, I just prefer Halo.

  29. It's balanced VIA loadouts because you can't just give yourself a SAW to start off with etc. But yes alot of the weapons in Halo are pretty OP

  30. But in Halo 4 it seems a very different play style then, my previously owned game, Halo 3. In Halo 3, it was all about what buffs people got, who controlled the power weapons, ect. In Halo 4, it's all about who shoots first, how to get the drop on someone, and doing your role right from spawn. This means one team won't get screwed over by an enemy team controlling the sword and rocket launcher on The Pit. Therefore, Halo 4 is more balance than the previous games.

  31. Thumbs up if you beat the campaign on legendary and got the mark 6!!!!

  32. dude chill. he just made a mustake so what

  33. The second disc in your Halo 4 case gives you multiplayer and spartan ops. Spartan ops is only online I think.

  34. the second disc in your halo 4 case gives you multiplayer and spartan ops. spartan ops is only online I think.

  35. I don’t think anyone will care about this post, but I will try anyways. I had always wanted to post Halo multiplayer game-play, but I couldn't get started until after Halo: Reach was released. A year after Halo: Reach's release, I started uploading game-play based on Alpha Zombies. Now I have started posting Halo 4 videos and will continue to do so every Saturday. I want to try and become popular as a gamer, so if you guys could possibly check out my videos I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

  36. This is ALL too TRUE. I have always loved halo for the lvling upgrades and detailed weapon customization's

  37. sorry…. how did I not see that…. im so stupid when I wake up….

  38. I'm trying to download it but it says not enough space

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