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Hidden Video Game Details #102 (Call Of Duty World At War, Mafia 3, Def Jam Fight For NY & More)

Captain Eggcellent
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In todays episode of hidden video game details we take a look at Call Of Duty World At War attention to details, Mafia 3 attention to details, Def Jam Fight For NY attention to details, Tomb Raider Legend attention to details, Duke Nukem 3D attention to details, Metal Gear Rising Revengance attention to details & more.

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  1. Games that "comment" on you doing nothing that I know for sure: Sonic The Hedgehog; he taps his foot and Tails lies down. Then Sonic does too. Then he finally jumps to his death when time runs out.
    Conker's Bad Fur Day: Conker will do various silly things while he is bored.

  2. Nice job with that QR code was not expecting that..

  3. Reda in the EA Skate series is a good example of an NPC berating you for being AFK.

  4. Bro when I was like 6 I got cod waw and I saw this and it scared me and I thought it was a bug so I ignored it until now I thought I was the only one who caught this

  5. The main menu of the original Destroy All Humans 1 and 2 has Orthopox getting annoyed at you if you leave the game on without input

  6. ridge racer girl icon … cuz grid girls

  7. I had the sims for my PlayStation 2. If you deleted the save the plumbob turns into a tombstone. I loved that detail so much as a kid. I’d make random saves just to delete them

  8. I'm probably not the only one but who else had a nostalgia feeling when the sound of the ps2 came up?

  9. If I recall correctly, Okami’s save icon and I THINK Silent Hill 4’s also reacted to being deleted. The former having Issun bounce at you rather angrily as you set up the deletion

  10. 1:33 that "Oouuu! Goddamn, Gets me every time!" Means he gets startled by the crocs

  11. 2:50 you can cut both arms and legs and they still want to attack you

  12. god that PS2 intro brought back memories. I remember getting home from school and jumping onto my PS2.

  13. 1:35, yo what's the qr I don't have something I can scab it with

  14. 2:30 you can use the interact button to move the balls rather than having to shoot them

  15. Mgr revengeance developers be like:

  16. Another detail about MGRR. When you're fighting monsoon ,if you defeat him taking low or zero damage his dialog changes when you cut him up in Zandatsu / Ninja Kill.

  17. That crocodile feeding in Mafia 3 is part of an achievment so not that hard to miss

  18. regards to doing nothing you can complete far cry 4 if you dont move from the table at the start

  19. bruv, random doesn’t equal funny, that shit at the start was cringe


  21. If memory serves I believe the sims 2 ps2 save file turns from the green diamond icon to a gravestone when you select delete.

  22. Mafia 3 wasnt a bad game but it was a bad mafia game

  23. Why do you pronounce things like an american?

  24. Games that comment on you doing nothing:
    Scarlet nexus is a game likes that. And one line I remember is “so, where do we go now?” Or something like that. Pretty sure they do the same thing in missions

  25. For the ps2 save icon Easter egg “Simpson road rage” will have homer turn into the three eyed fish from the series if you try to delete it.

  26. In Duke nukem 3d, you can hit spacebar on the pool balls, you don't have to shoot them.

  27. in skate 3, if left unpaused, you'll get yelled at for doing nothing

  28. 7:15 I remember doing a video on this in 2009, proper creeped me out when I found it lol

  29. What a great detail when throwing the body in the gator pond, meaning the insta-death by touching the water. 1:201:26
    You being there blindfolded, hearing water and the other dude saying about dropping him, I would maybe moved or twitched a little when thrown in pond.

    Edit: seeing the deleting files from PS2 memory card almost sparked little tantrum how stupid my brother is, but I'm an adult and not going to to pissed about how my saves always mysteriously vanished after he bought new games. Would've never find out how to spy his gf through his webcam if I wasn't in need of revenge, good times.

  30. For the Tomb Raider one, you can do the same in Siege on one of the maps with Soccer nets.

  31. In overwatch 2, on the map casino royale, in the attack spawn, there is a piano you can play, but when using Marisa and you use her attack(a life steal attack) it'll pull the keys instead of pushing it

  32. In mafia 3 if you murder thugs in a restaurant and leave as tim passes you go back it's an active crime scene!

  33. I know about a save icon in ps2.. in Vietcong purple haze there is a huey hovering over jungle but if you try to delete it the huey will crash…. i always found it funny

  34. I have a detail for you to add in the next video:

    In Company of Heroes 1, when you spam click a unit, they will get very aggressive to you, and every faction and unit has their own dialogue to call you out

  35. the blood splatter texture at 6:48 was also used in black ops one if i can recall correctly, in kino, aswell as a couple other zombie maps from treyarch

  36. genshin impact has that cat thing as well no matter what you use or shoot the cat doges and the game also has for each character some lines if you stand idle for 2 long

  37. In cod waw if you slash with your knife while your gun's magazine is empty, you can slash faster

  38. thanx to u i found a game i used to play on my xbox when i was young i couldnt remember what it was called but i noticed the character on onimusha

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