Hidden Video Game Details #102 (Call Of Duty World At War, Mafia 3, Def Jam Fight For NY & More) - nzwargamer.net

Hidden Video Game Details #102 (Call Of Duty World At War, Mafia 3, Def Jam Fight For NY & More)

Captain Eggcellent
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In todays episode of hidden video game details we take a look at Call Of Duty World At War attention to details, Mafia 3 attention to details, Def Jam Fight For NY attention to details, Tomb Raider Legend attention to details, Duke Nukem 3D attention to details, Metal Gear Rising Revengance attention to details & more.

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  1. About videogame devs doing something different if you don't do anything, I don't know if it's much of a detail but I noticed yesterday that In valorant if you play with breach and you Win without using your abilities (they all come from his bionic arms) he will say "I could've left my arms at home"

  2. Did you know that if you picture Sullivan from Uncharted 4, you would get an achievment.

  3. Is it true that Steven Spielberg made medal of honour game for the PS2? Basically the first Call of Duty fps

  4. This may not be a game, Easter egg, but please do this for me and track of the creek season one episode 27 power punchers when the elders load up power punchers the game you’ll see TKO as one of the characters or Ko yes, that’s his name

  5. OK second thing the guy in the chicken place in better call Saul looks like the dentist in payday two

  6. That woman in Ridge Racer V save icon is Ai Fukami, the race queen of RR5… It was used to be Reiko Nagase (ridge racer games always have a race queen)…

  7. Anyone see the QR code that takes you yo his Instagram

  8. The PS2 brings me nostalgia. What happened to creativity over quantity? Old games had real passion and heart behind them.

  9. That world at war ones gotta be a dupe i swear its fake my friend josh should have found that

  10. There was one ps2 memory card icon that was a dog and if you tried to delete it, it would look frightened and put its paws up to surrender, I dont remember what the game game but if anyone does please let me know

  11. PS2 starting screen tower show how much game you saved and how much time you spend on game.

  12. Devil may cry, the jester will do different things when copying or deleting

  13. i remember when i had a ps2, but no games or memory cards so i would just stare at the main menu for hours at a time

  14. that ps2 sound so nostalgic thank you @captain eggcellent

  15. I think most if not all of the characters in Cyberpunk comment on you not choosing a dialogue option

  16. I knew about the mafia 3 execution thing cause a youtuber accidentally did it thinking it would let the guy go

  17. You can just walk up to the pool table and press E and it'll work fine

  18. When I was playing that mission, I stared at the face of a soldier because I played the mission over and over again that I basically I had nothing else to do and the soldier opened its eyes then closed it again. I had no concept of bugs or Easter eggs yet so when I saw that, I was convinced my game was haunted.

  19. So.. I could be wrong but that soldier in the fountain is Nikolai from Zombies. He was captured in Stalingrad found amongst many dead, and I believe the dates line up. If so that means they planned the whole zombie DLC story before it was even released.

  20. car will always be more important then death itself

  21. The save file for Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy on the ps2 memory card has daxter standing there, tapping his foot, his tail wagging slightly, and sometimes scratching his ear, even when looking over all the save files

  22. Some PS2 icons actually emote when you select delete or when you select copy too,if you select copy they become happy

  23. I miss those fun interactive quirks like the memory card file interactions. These days everything has to be depicted as so basic and boring that it is really sad. I wish we could get 3d Trophies/achievements instead of a static 2d image everytime i get one. With each trophy designed thematically appropriate for the task you had to accomplish. Viewing them Like Wally West/kid flash #1's mission souvenirs in mt justice from season one of young justice. I mean the guy even saves a sippy cup a toddler handed him as a souvenir after helping bring back everyone 18 or older after they disappear in one episode and he and his friends had to gather all the kids in happy harbor to the high school so the older kids could watch over them until they found away to bring all of the adults back. (It was the same episode where Captain Marvel/Shazam reveals to the league that he was a 10 yr old which actually does get him in trouble with the league when they are trying to vote on new members to induct into the league in a later episode.) They were mementos of how far he and the original members of the team had gone since they started their covert unit.
    I want the achievements in games to be more like those souvenirs. Something thats not just a 2d picture or the games damn logo which really bugs me from a creative perspective

  24. My name is earl It's a TV show look it up says:


  25. Musashi: Samurai Legend on the ps2 save file would run at first but if you try to delete him he would drop dead. One of ps2 best underrated and unknown games ever!

  26. To conserve ammo in Duke Nukem 3d you can also just press the action button and the ball your reticle is on will be hit with a nice clacking sound

  27. Dead island riptide comments on you when your character isn't moving

  28. I remember smugglers run having a fun save icon where the car crashes when deleting

  29. There is a Game Detail in Midnight Club 2. If u are using a Motorcycle and dont drive at all ur Character will get Mad and will Show u the Middle Finger

  30. I’m new to this series and I don’t know if this one has already been included but in Assassins Creed Odyssey if you stand still for long enough Ikaros (The Protagonist’s Pet Eagle) will land on your arm and can then be fed or petted by pressing the respective platform’s interact button.

  31. The Mafia 3 croc thing ismt a hidden detail, it's part of the story. The Duke3d pool table…also not hidden and the COD World at War Russian soldier is again…not hidden. I’ve never played any of the others so I have no comment on th e m but I'm willing to be they're not hidden details either.

  32. Pretty sure you did all 4 Devil May Cry, as well as Twisted Metal black. save icons. I wanna say MGS 2 and 3 had them too.

  33. 6:15 Things like that happend in game Shrek 3 and Simpsons road rage aswell Shrek change his smile into angry face and in Simpsons Homer change into three eye fish

  34. I wouldn’t call it hidden but in Cold War on the mission where you sneak into that man’s house, if you decide to silence your captured ally, you can read the report the soldier was writing and it allows you to confront him about betraying them and giving the Russians info

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