Hidden Video Game Details #102 (Call Of Duty World At War, Mafia 3, Def Jam Fight For NY & More) - nzwargamer.net

Hidden Video Game Details #102 (Call Of Duty World At War, Mafia 3, Def Jam Fight For NY & More)

Captain Eggcellent
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In todays episode of hidden video game details we take a look at Call Of Duty World At War attention to details, Mafia 3 attention to details, Def Jam Fight For NY attention to details, Tomb Raider Legend attention to details, Duke Nukem 3D attention to details, Metal Gear Rising Revengance attention to details & more.

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  1. They should've added an easter egg where if the camera just focuses on the machete-wielding soldier petting the cat, Monsoon will stop talking, approach the camera, and turn it back towards him.

  2. I got two ps2 saves to share!!! one is from the first DMC, Trish will cry if you try to delete the save file, the second one is from okami, issun will happily hop in place and then gets mad at you for trying to delete their file >:(

  3. The announcer for the boxing game series “Fight Night” also get annoyed when you just stand around doing nothing.

  4. I thought you were going to say…nyou can play a game from a mem card save 😄

  5. I found a reference in a super hot PlayStation achievement all you have to do is kill an enemy by jumping on them

  6. For the PS2 save icons, if you have a save file of Ghost Recon for the PS2, the icon will be of a soldier periodically firing his gun. If you go to delete it, the soldier will then start to kneel down as if he's been shot in action.

  7. that russian soldier in cod waw is a refrence to vasili zaitsev he did that in the movie enemys at the gate

  8. The way you pronounce mafia is disturbing

  9. The easter egg of world at war might be of the attack of the dead men when the germans invaded the soviets

  10. In Mafia 3, you can do that with pretty much anyone in any are near the water

  11. I watched cod waw gameplay many times and I never seen that Easter egg amazing

  12. Bro just know that I want that milk because my dad left for it 3 years ago and I want coffee

  13. I remember praying 3 prayers and making sure my chores were done before turning on my PS2 And waiting on the landing screen to pop up.

  14. that waw secret really looks like it was some beta animation they forgot about, pretty sure most animations in the game use motion capture but you can tell by the stiffness of that animation its clearly not, so maybe it was a detail that the devs forgot about?

  15. I've recently found out in CS:GO that if you go to the maps where you can see the SAS, you can see that lenses on their masks ACTUALY reflect what they're currently seeing.

  16. Man bringing back memories with those ps2 save icons

  17. Ps2 icon things I believe crash bandicoot has a animation also

  18. In the game Rogue Legacy if you have a character with the bald feature the building menu will instead say balding

  19. As far as ps2 icons go, the ones I know for sure are Okage, Stan will have his chest puffed out laughing, and on the delete screen will be on the floor reaching forward pitiably. Devil May Cry, 1 or 2 I'm not sure, Trish will be standing posing, but on the delete screen she'll be waving with her hand covering her face

  20. Crazy taxi whlie deleting crazi taxi save data on the ps2 the taxi will cross it's head

  21. Theres alottttt of ps2 i think i remember jak and daxster and all the crash bandicoot games

  22. Found a new en, in the last of us part 1 (ps5 version) during the hotel encounter in pittsburgh?There's a scale on one of the bathroom floors. If you stand on it as Joel the dial moves and reads his weight 👏


  24. In max payne 3 in the bar mission, think it's chapter 3 or 4, after the first shootout if you do nothing max will voice over explicitly stating that the exit has a neon sign above it.

  25. Heaps of ps2 icons would react when you copy them too

  26. This one might be a bit raunchy but after you have sex with Judy in Cyberpunk 2077, you wake up and get the quest objective to put your clothes on before going outside to talk to Judy. If you just leave the room naked and have the conversation with her with no clothes on, she will have extra dialogue when you talk to her in her apartment later

  27. In assassins creed Valhalla, when you preform your first leap of faith after being taught by hytham, you can choose not to leave the pile of leaves and he panics, believing you’re dead

  28. Do you know mafia 1 and mafia 2 are Czech game and if you whant to fel the tru dabing tray Czech dabing shome things make more sens for my (i am Czech)

  29. I thought you wanted to talk about the building you recorded in the first images from Cod : Waw because it's Nacht der Toten before the apocalypse

  30. Diablo 3 has inactive commentary that happens

  31. Such a wholesome moment with the solider and the cat:)

  32. Hey man just came across a portal reference in cyberpunk 2077 don’t know if you’ve covered it but on one of the delamain missions Glados speaks to you saying ‘I’m going to kill you, and there is no cake’

  33. The PlayStation 2 was my first console and I still have it, btw I'm 17 now

  34. Y was the code in the early part of the video

  35. Im just saying that you can put it in a better spot

  36. I think the save icon for dmc 2 is Dante walking and if you go to delete it he like shakes his head

  37. No wonder my ass has been sore as of late. Next time come by when I'm awake, yeah?

  38. In one piece pirate warrior 4 in the fourth chapter on the first mission if you stand still during the fight with fujitora he'll stop attacking you and go to the next person due to the fact he's blind though you do have to be near pirates

  39. You guys probably know this already, but Halo 3 has a large catalogue of funny dialogue, much of which is triggered by you literally just standing around them for a certain amount of time, staring at them, repeatedly trading weapons with them, trading weaker weapons for the stronger weapons they already had, friendly fire, etc. There is even a skull that literally just makes these rarer dialogue more common.

    For example, allied Elites can gripe at you "Didn't I give you this for Christmas?" if you trade weapons with them. You can even get stuff like "Make ME a sandwich!" for a 4th wall break.

    All Halo games have this, but Halo 2 and 3 have more that have specific triggers or require certain NPC's (such as an ODST on Delta Halo, if you go AFK near him he starts trying to address Cortana, like trying to have her help him write poems, send messages his family back home). There is also plenty of easy to miss idle dialogue and behaviors, and they seem to react to each other. Fairly easy to miss if you don't take things slow.

  40. Hey CE no I didn't know if you knew this but if you play call of duty Black ops and you go to the terminal in the main menu and type a word or whatever if an exit out and look at the terminal you'll see that the the things you typed in it are still on the terminal have a good day p.s love your videos.

  41. COD WW2 was really good too, it was my favorite WW2 based cod

  42. The Astroboy game icon also do this. In normal Astro is just walking but when you do the delet thing he starts to kick the floor and look to the ground

  43. In ghost of Tsushima if you bow to a pillar of honor close to Kaneda inlet a bunch of crabs come out

  44. also for Def Jam Fight For New York the opening scene will change slightly depending on which Console you're playing the game on!

    Characters Blaze (AKA Method Man) & Sticky (AKA Sticky Fingaz) are playing Def Jam Vendetta when your created Character and D-Mob interrupt their game, The two will be either holding a PS2, GameCube, or Original Xbox Controller depending on what Console you're using!

  45. In Need for speed heat, in the down town palm city there is a jump challenge called "the ice-cream van" where you use a ramp to air a statue of a Popsicle. If you clip the top of the statue it will partially break, revealing a Popsicle stick within the statue.

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