Historically Accurate Games Get You Moments Like This.. - nzwargamer.net

Historically Accurate Games Get You Moments Like This..

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Hell Let Loose Is Full of excitement


  1. straight out of private ryan scary realistic

  2. What is the name of this game? And is it on console? Awesome video btw 😂

  3. if call of duty world at war campaign taught me anything it's that going through a field will get you got by them burning it down with Molotov cocktails

  4. 4:30 "That man had a way with words."
    Fucking sent me lmfao. Great format.

  5. I hope he gets older and his voice gets deeper. Or he could change his accent cause his current one is so cringe

  6. 😂😂😂. That man had a way with words, which brought a sense of comfort. Love this guy, and this game is intense.

  7. Medic!
    …. Your d!ck?
    That got me pretty good.

  8. been playing this game for a long time i treat the free weekend guys like replacements gotta keep the kids alive while giving the daring do

  9. Bro I'm subscribed your commentary is killing me. Best content for video games

  10. If you died, how are you telling your story? And I know how it feels…

  11. Holy shit man, I'm playing this game wrong. I'm like PTFO mode, while these folks are living the game T.T

  12. "your dick?" gets domed

    that is pure gold

  13. most british guy ever: god bless the american people!

  14. “Historically correct”. Yeah, except the gameplay. It’s an arcade game.

  15. At 0:59 it says aright instead of alright lol don’t ask how I found this

  16. Just remember that real actual young men did this for real. Playing these games is a grisly reminder of that. RIP to the heroes who charged this beach. I could never ever

  17. It’s like “Band of Pixelated Brothers”

  18. "You'll be making it quite a bit farther- God bless the American people."

  19. this is just a game crazy to think that people acctualy experienced that

  20. My grandfather stormed the beach at Normandy and so much more and came home alive! Thank god RIP George Wells JR. “Monk”

  21. I like this guy he talks like his brain is fried

  22. Is hell let loose still alive. I want to give it a go but don’t want to waste money

  23. Do you play PS5? I played Saturday with a squad lead named Huck. Didn’t sound like you and would speak Spanish and English. So I didn’t mention YouTube. We lost on the new map on last objective

  24. “Gotta go revive some guy.” The words of a true hero

  25. Why do u all talk like whiney little weirdos? Or r u all Canadians or something?

  26. they desperetely need to improve the movement in the game and it would be perfect

  27. I love that your narration and in-game conversation has Forrest Gump vibes. Chef's kiss

  28. “While the enemies were distracted murdering my friends” 😂😂😂 this is the best historical recreation of a dumbass at Omaha beach ever

  29. Wait a min i played with you in the last days

  30. " After all is said and done, I can't help but question. How am I narrating this story if I died that fateful day?"

  31. "The reason I play isnt to win, its for the brothers playing next to me" -Husk

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