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History of Lego Star Wars Games 2005 – 2022

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Evolution of Lego Star Wars Games from 2005 to 2022! For more Lego Star Wars gameplay and new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, stay bombastic 🕶

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  1. the complete saga I grew up with it. It was the first lego game I ever played

  2. You forgot Lego Star Wars the force awakens for mobile and tcs

  3. I used to really love advent calendar but I didn't know what it was called and I could never find it again

  4. Yo dues the empire is pretty chill maybe you can like join him

  5. You forgot about star wars Galaxy of heroes on phone

  6. until now, I had never heard of lego star wars 3 the clone wars. I want it now

  7. lego star awrs battles = clash of clans
    one of the game

  8. The quest for r2-d2 brings back memories I forgot I had.

  9. This video is the first video I watched on this channel

  10. That Lego Star Wars: The Quest for R2D2 game was the best

  11. Oh the memories!! I can just vividly remember playing LSW 2 on my DS as a little one and being so, so excited that i finally unlocked Yoda on Valentines Day!! (:

  12. andrew actually you forgot about the lego star wars the fore awakens for the ps vita version

  13. You missed a webgame that was released to promote Lego Starwars 3. It went by the same name I believe and it was a sidescrolling platformer where you had to complete puzzles to unlock characters and there was even a team deathmatch pvp area from what I remember.

  14. if i guive my santa jangafet to you wat will i get in return

  15. i would have preferred the remastered complete saga.

  16. i wish they brought back the new yoda cronicals, i remember playing on my moms phone as general grevius

  17. In the complete saga you can play as a custom darth jar jar so obviously better

  18. I remember having the complete saga as a little kid but the skywalker one has better graphics and more game play and a infinite amount of joy

  19. 10:10 I actually still can download the game, I had it many years ago on my IPAD and bcs it is on my account i can download it
    acctually as im am writitng this comment im am playing the game xd

  20. The LEGO games have made a tremendous progress over the years, but I just wanna ask one question. How the hell did we go from an amazing PvP battle on Mustafar (we loved that part when playing with my brother!) to one person having a cinematic battle against Vader, while the second player hovers with C-3PO doing nothing?

  21. I used to have Lego starwars the video game on my ps2 its one of my favorite games

  22. lego star wars battles is just clash royale but in lego star wars :/

  23. You can get lego Star Wars the game on mobile

  24. My favorite star wars game is the Skywalker saga

  25. Clone wars and rebels should be in the skywalker saga

  26. He's saying you can play 2 different versions of one game on any DS

  27. Yo broo im so lucky bc on my dads ipad i have the new yoda chronicles

  28. The complete saga was just my childhood

  29. There are only some very small things I think that could make the skywalker saga better.
    Character customisation
    Having characters which sing in the movies and tv shows sing in the game.
    Having an ability for more people to play
    Adding the clones as unlockable characters (Captain Rex, Fives, Commander Wolf, Commander Cody etc)

    Apart from that golden. I haven’t played it myself but from what I’ve seen I want to.

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