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History of Lego Star Wars Games 2005 – 2022

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Evolution of Lego Star Wars Games from 2005 to 2022! For more Lego Star Wars gameplay and new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, stay bombastic 🕶

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  1. At one point I remember you saying that you wanted a Santa jango fett mini figure and look

  2. They should do a skywalker saga version to clone wars orrrr even rebels or BOTHHH

  3. my fav is the clone wars, that crap was my childhood

  4. i had the complete saga (lego star wars the video game) i was heartbroken when i lost the disc

  5. When I was like 3 there was a Lego Star Wars Lego game, that I forgot the name of, but pretty sure you he forgot

  6. They need a Lego Star Wars game for every season of the clone wars.

  7. I had no idea that other people knew about lego star wars III let alone that it was their favorite. I always thought it was the forgotten lego game because I never hear anyone talking about it. I also had no idea that lego star wars I came out before revenge of the sith that seems so wild to me. Image playing through that game before watching the movie and having all the big moments spoiled.

  8. Andrew's last day before insanity… 😥😥😥

  9. What about Lego Star Wars the Force awakens

  10. @Bombastic you forgot the 3ds and the mobile ports of the force awakens

  11. I personally wouldn’t recommend ownasaber, customer service is bad, and well the saber stops working after minimal usage. Definitely doesn’t have that “duel ready”.

  12. I still remember the Complete saga Starwars game on My Xbox 360 🥰

  13. You know there was a mobile version of Lego star wars the force awakens.

  14. The lego star wars 2005 version on ps2 was my first video game.

  15. never knew there was a lego starwars clash royale

  16. wait Indiana jones and Han Solo are the same guy (same actor)

  17. is the yoda chronicles still on the app store for iphone? i really want to download it again

  18. LEGO Star wars games the Skywalker Saga

  19. You would have to buy the Jango Fett of me

  20. Btw, clone wars had a Wii version aswell

  21. the new Lego game for 2023: Lego Star Wars: The Ultimate Trilogy, it has the complete saga + the clone wars + force awakens + Skywalker Saga

  22. I'm ever first playing the demo of Lego Star Wars Clone Wars 3 and I just bought it for five bucks on Xbox One and it still holds up I'm happy with my purchase

  23. You know, the first lego game, or even video game I ever played was the complete saga, but on my iPad!!!!!

  24. I have the Jango Fett Christmas figure but you’d have to pay me lol :p

  25. I love Lego Star Wars games but I never even knew the force awakens even existed 😭😭. I haven’t stopped playing them and I didn’t even know it was a thing I can’t believe it

  26. I really don’t like the skywalker saga for some reason. It just doesn’t feel right, there’s just something off from the originals.

  27. I had The complete saga but the CD is had an error(The error is when you put CD in ps3 it is not seen in ps3) but I have still Lego Clone wars

  28. Lego Star Wars 3 the Clone Wars was my first lego star wars game. I had it on the Wii and played it over and over again for years. I had even managed to unlock Savage Opress haha

  29. I played legostarwars the game with my brother

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