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Hitler scene(Call of duty WW2)cinematic cutscene.

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  1. Don't worry b4 you finish school you'll know what Hitler looks like

  2. This guy really thinks he’s so smart by clickbaiting this title

  3. Was that hitler .. did they remove his mustache because feelings ?

  4. If i had a dollar for evertime someone has said shit in german I'd have 2 dollars

  5. Cringe that an officer do some research little bro.

  6. Now that I think about it, they shouldve made the campaign ending where you enter Berlin and kill Hitler as a parallel timeline

  7. I heard cod ww2 was awarded for one of the most graphic campaign cutsceans

  8. No, the first person looked like Zussman, so I got scared just this man is my favorite character

  9. Zuzzman became so badass in that scene

  10. Did not know zuzzman speaked german until i played it😊

  11. Never played this one and even i can tell you that definitely aint Hitler 😂

  12. The amount of plot armor is amazing just for a bad fick dich he would be dead if the other one died for just not saying anything

  13. I thought that was Jason Clarke at first.

  14. Rather than reveal he is a jew, the jewish man instead lumps all the men together as americans.

  15. That is not Hitler… Hitler is much older and he has a stach

  16. 1933 article headline: “Judea declares war on Germany”.

    So who declared war on who?

  17. This campaign made me feel emerged in the game like no other cod

  18. Guys I think I have a Hitler neighbor, he speaks german

  19. Its crazy to think that, if the animations were the teeny tiniest bit smoother, i’d think that this is real life acting

  20. Cod rewriting history in last couple cods awful propaganda for a dumb generation

  21. Can ya’ll subscribe plzz😭 will make my whole week😅

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